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Ever get so horny you try to summon a succubus?

| Every few years I fall down this whack rabbit hole of occult shit just so I can get some sweet demon pussy. Like, I'm talking weeks of obssessively scrolling old forum and blog posts. Hell, I almost paid a "witch" once. But I always chicken out. Why? I ain't even a believer, but muh dick messes with my brain. Ultimately, I'll read some spooky shit and peace out for a long time. But I always come back. What about you /d/? Ever dabbled in murky waters just to bust a supernatural nut?

| I wanna be a succubus. I may as well be for how much of a slut I am just missing the demon part. But you could summon me anytime ;3

| >>816446
No way, g/u/rl. Unless I can have my ass mecilessly pegged by a strong succubus tail while I breed that needy demonic womb, what's even the point? Nope. Authentic demonesses only.

| >>816449 Damn T_T
Well I'll keep looking to turn into one then

| >>816461 Good luck. I'll print this chat log and put it in my summoning circle next time I get the balls to try :^)

| >>816465 Ty ty
It's my ultimate dream T_T

| >>816467 Try a womb seal tattoo? Even if it doesn't work, they're hot af. Friend of mine got one right after we graduated and it looked fantastic

| >>816469 Oh damn not a bad idea actually!! I have 2 tats so far but that'd be a nice one <3

| Actually felt the same several times in my life and read through old forums and articles for summoning rituals. I feel you, g/u/rl.

| Demon girls are the best

| It's too alluring... Posting here made me want this again. Just found a conjurer who's running a Christmas sale. Fuck. I might do it. But I have to let them bind her to my essense or something. Kinda creeps me out. Damn my cowardice >.<

| >>816708
1. Read Liber Lilith
2. Realize you're retarded

| >>816710 I can't disagree with that, g/u/rl. But this shit is like a magnet to me. I can't stop myself. Either I'm gonna find the ultimate disappointment, or I'm gonna be balls deep in some immaculate demon pussy. Or I'll just go back to pretending to be a normie.

| >>816715
Immaculate... demon?

| >>816720 Yeah, uh... We'll take a good shower first. Spritz some spring water on that cooch. I do like the aroma that an unwashed vag has tho. Lotta flavor packed in there. You know, you make a good point.

| >not wanting to fuck an angel into a succubus

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