God I want a housemaid i could fuck during work hours

| I'd love her and fuck her brains out

| I want a housemaid too.

| Be rich and manipulate the housemaid enough that she has to depend on you as her sole sourxe of income

| or you could just be up front about it. i would love to be a housemaid that got fucked during working hours, and im sure some other people would to~

| But can you cook and clean?

| im great at cleaning~ my cooking is basic, but! i can bake really well~

| >>806727 I'm gonna be up front about it by fucking you while you're cooking/cleaning

| During the housemaid work hours, or your work hours?

| >>806877 both

| Sooo in other words, you're gonna have a dirty home?

| >>806906 and dirty maid

| I want a housemaid to fuck me during work hours

| >>806923 dominant housemaid who'd reverse rape me

| I'd love to have a butler who would pour his desires onto me
If it's the other way around, just me being so horny I fuck the butler, I think it would be fucked up because I would have authority on him in that case and he's feel obligated to fuck me

I want him to WANT, to BEG me if he can cum inside
Butler cum.. yum <3

| >>806899 but would it still be called a maid if you fuck her brains out? Once you fuck her brains out she can no longer do maid duties. She will be lifeless and no aim in life.

| >>806875 well, then be as up front about it as you like~ my body is all yours while im on the job~

| >>806937 butler supremeth

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