Theg Fantasy

| We all know Theg has autism
>be theg, 140kg fatass kissless virgin
>in order to sleep go to your den which you share with your mother
>you find yourself thinking about it's time to rest after countless derailings of "I love sex" threads which contriubutes to the community a lot
>you close your eyes
>suddenly you feel something warm on your legs, ass and back
>you hear a calming voice
>theg calm down mommy will take care of this

| >in this very moment your mother starts licking the bedsheets
>she finally sits on it with her legs spread, firstly covered in her own juices, now mixed with piss. your piss.
>mom i don't have autism please stop right now i don't know what's happening
>theg calm down or i'll call the police and you will never find a girlfriend
>no way. you cannot accept such fate
>you give up
>you stood couple of hours of extreme oral stimulation with additional anal after which your mother fell

| >and now she had a healthy copulatory sleep
>you however can't sleep
>you decide to get on pc
>theg killed sex....... fuuuuck i pissed myself again i have autism i girlfriend my......

| thanks op you made me cum

| what the fuck

| Theg may have posted about killing sex, but OP has actually killed sex.
My entire libido has fucked off to Brazil.

| Joke's on you, this is my kink

| I love sex.

| Who tf is theg

| >>806613 the one who kills sex

| I love sex.

| I love sex.

| I love sex

| I love sex.

| anon-e

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