| Sorry for my bad English.

| Really OP? Where is your bad english? Did you lost it? I'll help you find it.

| Cum.

| >>805878 haha, you don't have bad English anymore, i stole it! And is mine! You will never get it back MUHAHAHA

| >>805910 You monster! I'll help OP to find their well deserved bad english! They earned it through hard work!

| I wont haf theks

| No. Grumpy cat face

| You are not forgiven.

| >>805965 noup, is maine :p

| >>805965 >>806261 You think this is bad neighborhood? // =D

| Bye. // very soon ”^^

| Btw i plejn to haw sex with my bed inglis

| >>805878 You're Englisch is not bed! At all!!!

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