What is love supposed to be like?

| I'm a bit anxious regarding my ability to love.

To the best I've been able to discern, to love a person means to want to care for that person, as well as feeling happy in their presence or when thinking about them.

Does this sound about right to you? Would showing this to someone be enough for them to be satisfied in feeling loved and appreciated?

| Yeah I'm wondering as well but also that sounds like friendship to me so idk how to separate platonic from romantic.

Will admit I'm a virgin slut and I'd also fuck any of my friends if they'd want to, so like sex can't be the dividing line.

I think I felt both love and friendship in the past but in love I am more enamored by the person even if they don't know me, while with friendships it's appreciation of people who are currently there for me

| But the funny thing is "to love" is different from "loving". I can "love" you but "to love" you I need you "to love" me back, after all for kissing takes two; It can't be one-sided.

So yeah care for and show that you care for said person as a sign of love. Yet the scary thing is you can never know if that person would be satisfied with that as sometimes they just don't have any love for you, they can't help it so don't blame them for it. You don't fall in love with anyone as well?

| This a thing I wondered about a lot.
And it's a personal question for me as well.
You see, I consider myself to be able of "loving" people. And I'm able to be loved.

But when it comes to "romantic relationship", shoot, even friendships, I'm not very "close" to others, I like to be with myself, take time for myself, a lot of time.
The problem is, that many people don't accept that, and prefer to be with someone else that they can be with all the time. 1/2

| Is longing for their happiness not enough? Is taking time alone for myself not allowed? Is my love too ethereal? Is my love not understood enough?

I don't even like texting and messaging others, because it drains me both mentally and physically. And that's already a "dealbreaker" for a lot of people who might be interested in me.

Maybe I'm just too wired to be alone? Is that too much of a sin? To want to be alone?
Well, don't worry too much about me.
I enjoy being like this.2/2

| Love is supposed to be sex.

| I have heard it has to do with another person never giving you up, never letting you down, never running around and deserting you, never making you cry, never saying goodbye, never telling a lie and hurting you

| >>806026 or to be mouth fucked

| Yeah, seems like love>>805854

| >>e8e313
I know it's a cliché, but different people have different love languages. Your love is no less valid, you just need to find someone with a compatible one to you.

| >>806085 yeah, maybe that's something I can try, although I know the search will be hard! Lol

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| What kind of love are you curious about, Op?

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