weird kink/dirty thought I keep having

| first things first I'm a trans g/u/rl, but I keep having these thoughts that I'm in a group of guys that knew me pre everything and think I'm hot now, so they all take turns pinning me down and forcefully fucking me until I become their cumdump. does anyone else have thoughts like this or am I just weird?

| Well you are weird, but also, autogynephilia? It's just a fetish, in the end, in any way you approach it.

| Hmm...
No, you're fine. Wanting to be sexually desired by the men that (used to?) be part of your life is a part of wanting feel secure in your passing as female, which is understandable.
You are unlikely to act on those fantasies and shouldn't be too concerned, yourself.
>t. fellow trans g/u/rl

| OP, if you want to know if having niche sexual fantasies is common for the general populace, danger/d/ is not the place to get an unbiased answer! But also, that's probably not that weird, and most of the people IRL or online who will moralize at you are only doing it because they're a cringe-ass straight person trying to cover up their own sexual insecurities

| >>805428
With that thread title, I was expecting something juicy. That's about the most vanilla sexual fantasy ever.

AGP is Freud-tier pseudoscientific bullshit.

| >>805469
>pseudoscientific bullshit
As opposed to what, tranny 'science'?

| >>805478
My dude, I'm sorry to break this to you, but absolutely nobody professional takes the idea of AGP seriously. It's not in the ICD-11, or the DSM-5, or the WPATH SOC, and it's not taught on any psychology/psychiatry course. It's just a bizarre fringe idea some weirdo made up half a century ago.

| >>805495
And absolutely nobody who knows anything about biology believe in the bizzare fringe idea a child rapist literally named Dr. Money came up with, a.k.a tranny pseudoscience.

| >>805499
What? Dr. Money's central thesis was that people would accept whatever gender they were raised as, which is literally the opposite of what trans people believe.

| >>805538
You must have skipped the part where he invented the modern concept of 'gender' as a 'fluid thing', and the little tidbit of trivia where he conducted a trannification experiment on 2 brothers, having them dress and act as girls and even stimulating corresponding sex acts, and the 2 eventually killed themselves later on. I believe there was surgery done on at least one of them.
Again, try not being a tranny retard and looking up these things, even if inconvenient truths.

| Then again, you cannot try to talk about science with someone who is defending something that basically shits all over any serious anatomy/biology textbook.

| >>805562
Please go actually read the case study of David Reimer. He was a cis man who lost his penis as an infant in a botched circumcision. Money then suggested he be raised as a girl, on the assumption that gender is arbitrary and anyone can live happily as male or female. Obviously, it didn't work, because that's not how gender works. I don't know what you think Money's theory was, but I promise it is not the underpinning of transgender identity/healthcare.

| I just wanted to talk about being horny and now look where we are

| >>805602
Maids should just get their shit together and ban the raiders the same way they did the spamming Russians.
No way they actually belong here.

| >>805574
You chose to completely ignore his seemingly unrelated brother.
Who made the thread, tranny?
We are incapable of having nice things because people stand firm in their beliefs and will not budge.
I am just tired of trannies everywhere, personally if you had said all this and called yourself a femboy or cuteboy instead, I probably would have really liked the thread, even bulli for pics like an asshole.
Fuck trannies, they took all my cuteboys/tomboys away. Shit.

| >>805635 yo mama took this dick away in her mouth

| >>805635 Big brain time.
You know, when you're so ridiculous that people can't tell if you're trolling or serious, it gets quite sad and pitiful.

| >>805682
Big brain time.
You know, when you're so ridiculous that people can't tell if you're trolling or serious, it gets quite sad and pitiful.

| >>805428 i totally feel that~ i always fantasize about my friend group getting fed up with my teasing and all pinning me down and making me their permanent fucktoy cumdump~

| >>805689
Okay, nice.

| >>805635
hi I don't really want to argue with you and I do not want to treat you with any disdain in this message. have you considered that if you don't dislike femboys i.e. boys dressing up as girls, and you don't like "tranny pseudoscience" but neither apparently do the actual trans people, there's... no disagreement between you and trans people? it looks like this is only an argument because you brought up some weird shit as a defense when someone suggested you were wrong...

| ... about autogynephilia. so in this case aren't you the one standing firm in your beliefs? I think if you stop reflex posting any time somebody writes trans and just learn a little bit about who trans people actually are you'll be more comfortable in the long run.

| >>805822
Absolutely not, because there remains the irrecoverable problem of mental delusion with trannies claiming they can woosh themselves into another gender. Furthermore I hate it, because of various reasons such as mental illness, the utterly AIDS 'culture' that comes with it, and also because trannies are usually ugly and non-passing degenerates but still aggressively toxic about pushing their shit, and makes me seriously uncomfortable.

| OR they are chill and cute which just makes me rage white hot because they could be hot femboys instead.
Note the difference, trannies cannot accept themselves as they are, while femboys can, and it is often a mark of relatively much better mental well-being... making a person cooler, better overall...
The globohomo tranny just keeps robbing me of the worldly delightful wonders that are cute femboys and cool tomboys.

| >>805826
I have... wayy too much for my own comfort. I wish it just didn't exist. I have seen/met, exchanged with, and even fucking fapped to trannies, but in the end, it remains what it is, nothing more than a fetish for the orbiters, and an empty attempt at alleviating meaninglessness for the exploitable people that fall into this never-ending trap of disrepair. A pity.
The fact is we can put a real female's body next to a tranny's, and all I'd have to do it point at the ribcage.

| >>ca657a
Now this.
This is a solid 10 on the Kinsey scale.
Good job!

| >>805948
Or they are like you, stuck in a narrowed and politically tinted vision of the world, a bit like scientologists, or conspiracy theorists. In fact it is like you are part of a cult, which is a pretty good comparison.
And this is all you have to say, because that's all that you are left with. Mocking.

| >>805949
No, I've just never genuinely seen someone so gay they get upset over people transitioning.
It's impressive. I don't know how you happened into this world, but you need to write a book or something.

| >>805950
Ok... so that's 2 posts containing no argument at all, based on fuckall... what's impressive about you is your shitposting.

| Ok, I'm gonna need to brain it a bit more. You are being a condescending cunt, right?

| >>805955
Gosh, you figured it out! Such a good boy, such a smart boy~
Your mom must be really proud of you!

| >>805956
Ugh... what a waste of time... This is what's pushing for the tranny shit, guys. Utter worthlessness in a bag.

| So now you know what being a tranny is all about. It's about being a toxic cunt to people for no fucking reason. Just being demeaning in general, and trying to force people to put up with your shit.
This, is also why I hate trannies.

| And I would like to add, that that tranny is talking real big on the internetz, but you can jut imagine what the sad thing looks like irl.

| The tranny is a waste of time. You can argue, discuss, debate all you want; in the end it doesn't matter. All the tranny has to offer in response to science is pure denial; all the tranny has to offer in response to non-favourable opinions is close-minded hatred. To objections and questioning it replies with attempts to control and shift public discussion to blame another. The tranny argument remains forever empty, baseless... if pretending to base itself on science, unscientific.

| https://ibb.co/0QmQ7vJ

| > it's about being a toxic cunt to people for no reason

Two comments later
>Trans people are a waste of time and shouldn't exist

I believe we call this projection

| >>805966
I must inform you of the existence of >>805956
Had you opened your eyes you might have seen it!

| >>7fb6e7
Come on, we all know you've entertained the thought of being teh little girl. All right-wingers secretly have.

| >>805428 "I want these men to think im hot pre-transition"
Then if you want people to find you hot the way you were born, why transition ? Why be trans ?

| >>805958 homegirl have you considered that maybe they're all just mad at you because you open conversations with trans people by ranting, slurring, and debating at them? you are being a toxic cunt too.

| also while >>9b4346 is being a bitch she's totally right. you really do write like a trans girl who's really upset with themselves.

| Trans should burn in hell

| I love sex

| Gangbangs with male friends aren't a wierd kink at all. It's a very common fantasy.

| Ok I have no idea whats going on in this thread anymore, the only thing I can comment on is; Theres really a guy named Dr Money? Can you get a more comically evil name than that?

| >>806251 yea this, i have them all the time~

| >>806251 can we have cross version with stepping? xd

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