what's a good place for sexting/send nudes no strings attached?

| title. I'm just horny and sick of jumping through a bunch of hoops just to see some dicks.

| Grindr, dangeru, discord

| LinkedIn

| >>804512
This but unironically.
Something about the platform attracts retards who think dick pics are a good idea.

| I have a dick I can post

| >>8b9ee8 then why haven't you posted it yet?

| Here

| >>804627
Show us!

| >>804627 I wanna see I wanna see!!

| >>804503 All 3 bad options.. Grindr only lets you send one disappearing pic a day without paid membership and discord literally has a download button built in.

If you wan a send dick pics safely make a disposable/untraceable Instagram or Snapchat and use those. The creators of those apps know exactly what they're being used for, so if you absolutely have to send nudes use apps that are built for it and be sensible/safe.

| >>805313 That's bullshit. You can't prevent someone from downloading or making a screenshot of a picture. That's impossible because if you can see it from the internet, it means you downloaded the data.
And if you think that shit things like Instagram have the slightest security, that's sad. Those companies are the first to have backdoors everywhere that they use profusely, and even without those the security would be crap.
For security, don't take pictures of your dick.

| >>805319 OP, don't listen to this g/u/rl. DO take pictures of your dick (and send them to this thread please)

| >>805319 I'm not saying that they're impenetrable fortresses of lewd image sending. Obviously everything has a workaround, but the average Joe who's horny doesn't usually jump through so many hoops just to download pictures like that.

| Obviously just don't take pictures of your dick, but if you absolutely feel like you have to then the most generally safe way to go is using normie shit apps because well.. they're built to get around normie shit pervs who don't hack 17 mainframes just to download pics of people's dingdongs

| >>c84c50 https://postimg.cc/mzh8c7TJ/57c74b71

Here ya go

| >>c18fea actually here's a more hd one


| >>805361 what a yummy looking dick!

| >>805361 thank u

| Kik.

| >>c18fea
Cute dick! I like the veins~

| My fwb is coming tomorrow so we can fuck ~~

| Anyone else gonna post nudes or am I the bravest here

| >>805711 I already sent my dick to danger/d/ last week it's the third g/u/rl's turn now

| >>805711 sorry, too busy fapping to your cute dic

| The website newbienudes I guess. It's kinda like social media for horny people. All people do is post nudes all day, comment on and like them and occasionally chat with each other if they want to.

| I mean, there is always Twitter if you're a whore like me :3
https://twitter.com/HoeliLewd If you were curious~

| >>806564 cute tits!

| YouTube Kids

| Intodare

| >>806564
You're genuinely cute as hell.
Being like you is #goals.

| >>806564 awawa, cute!

| sigh

| >>806564 damn when you see cute people like this g/u/rl it makes you wanna go out and find yourself a cutie boy or girl with a penis, until you realize you live in a homophobic country so you'll never be able to experience such things even though you might very well possibly be bi or gay.

| No g/u/rls have posted tits or pussy yet what are you all doing

| >>807741 if you look for, you can find in other threads

| >>807844 which threads

| >>807885 explore gurl, be brave, stay wild.

| If it were big enough to be picked up on a camera I'd be happy to send, bit we can't change reality

| There's no tiddy or vaguna ever posted on this site

| >>807927 there is you just gotta search for it

| >>807377 living in a homophobic country doesn't automatically delete homo people from it. I hope you'll find your cutie!

| Telegram. There you can send secret images

| Whisper

| Nigeria

| >>804513
I thought it's all programmer portfolios what thd fuck

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