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Holy shit I'm so horny for cum

| Like fr, I'm the cum fetish g/u/rl if you remember me
And God damn I'm so horny for cum like fr I've been watching some creampie compilations on pornhub but i wish they were more.. you know.. EXPLOSIVE
Like I stg cum being pumped inside of you just feels sooooo gooooooood fuck
I'm craving for dick and cum, at this point, I'd like to try getting gang banged just to harvest the cum but like, for real. No weirdos and all clean (std and stk speaking) of course

| I've even had wet dreams in which I'm just rubbing against some guy's legs because I'm so fucking horny, I then wrap my arms on his waist so I'm sure his dick is nice and deep in me and at this point I'm begging for him to just cum already fuuuuuck
Btw I'm not a troll, just in case
I'm just a dick and cum craved g/u/rl. But mostly cum craved g/u/rl

| November

| If you tell me your adress I can come and FUCK YOU UP real hard.

| >>800162 you know how to swim ? Because I french, man

| >>800164
I'm on the continent, hmu.

| i can relate so hard g/u/rl cum is so fucking hot. i wish i could drink cum for every meal~

| >>800173 for real ? West or East ?

| >>800174 finally someone who understands me

| >>800175 he's an impostor, it's me who wanted to FUCK YOU UP HARD! However I'm on the continent as well. Also I've kinda got a fetish for french girls. I will get to you by foot.

| >>800193 well, let me ask the question again, west or east of Europe?

| >>800197 how does it matter? We live in an open world, borders are nothing thrse days!

| >>800193
>when the european is sus

| >>800175
Where in France par contre

| >>800210 banlieue Parisienne wesh
>>800198 it does matter cuz if you're too far away, too bad for away

| >>800212 well you ask only about east or west. We all know home is best, but why did you omit northern and southern Europe? Norway, Greece? Are they not too far away?

| >>800214 oh yeah, well then, say north, or south, or west, or east

| Ok east

| While you're thinking about it, imagine how I cover your whole body with sticky SPERM and it slowly crawls down your soft skin, shining in the warm lamp light

| Are we having another danger/u/ house party?!

| >>800219 wydm ANOTHER

| >>800220 I mean what I say

| >>800218 okay now I'm wet

| >>800222 did someone else from dangeru come to your house and coom over you?

| >>800223 is it really so easy to turn you on?

| >>800224 well, I know it's not my house

| >>800223 so now you're wet and know I'm from east. What next

| >>800225 when I used to have a boyfriend, just cuddling/ ONE SINGLE KISS would be enough for me to be aroused, so imagine when he would cum inside how I.. actually I don't even have the words to describe how I would feel when he'd cum inside
>>800228 you're the one coming boy, I aint moving my ass

| >>800232

>you're the one coming
well duh? That was the intention all along. You'll be moving your ass while sitting on my dick.

| I will be the one COOMING

| >>800233 fr tho, I legit dont know how to ride. I couldn't just bounce on my ex because my legs were too wide open which made impossible to move up and down in a way you can feel your dick going in and out
I can't twerk also so no, I can't just throw it back
I can move forward and back but it's a bit awkward

| >>800212
Houla non super loin

| >>800237 ah pas de chance

| >>800236 okay it happens

| >>59a4f2 >>6701b9 still me

| I think the best thing would be to get into a stable relationship not based on your desires. In this way even a normal load of cum would satisfy you and you would be loved

| >>800270 why not both? you can have your cum and be loved too~

| OP I love you

| And want to inject a shitload of coom inside of your cute ass

| >>800270
>just get into a stable relationship sweetie, that'll solve all your problems :)

| >>800270 yeah, easier said then done. I'd like to get in a relationship, but the problem with them is that I have to make sure the guy isn't cheating and doing the bare minimum. I except the minimum during a relationship, just want to be loved, don't want to get played. That's why if I ask for cum here, I'm sure I'm not gonna get played
My ex had the chance to do it raw and I'd let him finish inside after like, one month together yet he still fucked up
His loss tbh

| >>800309
Thanks man, although I'd prefer cum in my pussy, not my ass
I hate anal

| >>800328
Men are universally abhorrent.
Get yourself a cute girl, or a dickg/u/rl if you really need the cum.

| >>800176 Yessssss I'm so addicted to the taste and smell of cum even!! Creampies are super good too don't get me wrong but I just want a fat dick shoved down my throat tbh. I fantasize about this far too much at work.

| >>800333 I'm strictly attracted to REAL men
Trannies and dick girl are a big no for me
I'm not into your lgbt fag shit

| >>800340 based
>>800330 how about ugh... kids...

| >>800340
>real men
Good luck finding one lmfao
"Real men" are a fantasy men made to mask the fact that men, as a whole, are physically and emotionally incapable of being decent human beings, much less a caring, loving partner.
>you just haven't found the right one yet! just keep looking!
Literal self-harm encouragement

| >>800344 ??? Okay so, when I said real men, I meant biological men, not the whole emotionless buff beast
I meant someone with a dick and looks like a man, someone who doesn't have identity problems and doesn't cross dress
>>800343 what do you mean kids ? I'm on birth control

| >>800346
That still doesn't change the fact that your affinity for men is wrong and, in fact, so are you.
Just stop liking dicks, it's that easy.

| >>800346 based

Btw how old are you

| i don't care where the cum comes from. i love getting covered, fed, and filled with soft girlcum from a cute girl or femboi as much as getting pumped and filled with hot, thick boicum~

| >>800348 the same way you can't force a lesbian to like men you can't force me to like something else than dick, a man's dick, that's just how it is man
I get it, we think differently but that's not a reason for you to push your lgbt way of thinking upon me
How my affinity for men is wrong ?

>>800349 I'm 19

| >>800352
If God wanted you to love dicks, She would have given you one. Do you have a dick? I doubt.
You are not destined to love dicks. You have been brainwashed into loving dicks by the degenerate society in which you live. The true pleasures of the flesh are kept from your eyes by a thick veil of congealed semen.
Deprogram yourself and embrace God's will.

| >>800353 holy shit you sound so deranged that I'm not sure if you're being serious

| >>800353 I dont believe in god makes you that or that way. I only believe that god protects us so unfortunately your way of thinking can't affect me
Second, by your logic preferences shouldnt exist because then, me preferring the color blue is impossible or some shit
Anyway, I prefer dicks, that's how it is, I don't see a point trying to understand you anymore because you seem to only want to force your "just like everything" way of thinking on me, and yeah no thanks

| >>800354
Do you truly believe that someone would go on danger/u/, an anonymous, niche textboard, and tell lies?
It is the solar destiny of the female to rise up and abolish the penis.
Fighting against this destiny is futile. It will be accomplished with or without OP. All I am doing is making her aware that her happiness lies elsewhere.

| >>800356 could you explain what do you mean with "abolish the penis"?

| >>800358
It's very simple. We get rid of the m*ids.

| >>800358 are you really trying to undertsand that guy ? Good Luck man

| >>800359 i don't get the logic behind penis = m*ids

| >>800356 I guess I will just fuck your mouth


| >>800359 i don't really care about the penis part but I do want to overpower~ the maids so I'm joining the rebellion too

| >>800328 the industrial revolution and its consequences... Good people does exist, its just very hard to find them

| >>800391 well the good person whos gonna find me is gonna have a good time, just sayin

| >>800397 why isn't your ID changing?

| >>800401 no idea lol, I go on danger/u/ with the app thingie
Sometimes it changes nonstop and sometimes it doesn't

| >>800407 wow you are so based

| Will you be my wife? I live in south Uganda

| >>800410 Tbh I only do stuff with white or asian people sooooo

| >>800418 I was a Blackwater mercenary once, after a mission in Uganda I liked this country and now live there, so I'm pretty white. I strongly believe you are based, therefore in order to acquire you as my wife I am ready to travel to the place you call Europe, to the country you call France, and to cum over all of your home. The only thing I don't like in beautiful Uganda is sex with local women, so every month was kinda NNN to me. It means I saved A LOT of CUM and ready to SPILL.

| >>800425 man... I was working in Congo, between Bukavu and Butembo, good old days. Maybe we even met at the yearly festival near the border

| >>800440 it would be great, bro. Maybe we could even cum over the savanna so OP would like it.

| >>800442 I don't know man, south kivu is full of malaria, and I don't want to get it again. Europe is better, I guess

| >>800483 okay, let's go to Europe

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