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It's that time of the year once again

| Is anyone going to try to do NNN?

| I've already fapped THRICE yesterday. I fucked nnn's mouth.

| im going to constantly edge all of nnn

| I've done 2 violations so far. I was thinking about trying to edge for at least the first week but I have no self control lol

| NNN is a conspiracy to prevent any children being born in August

| Already failed.

Now i'm going to make it a point to make sure you all fail with me.

| >>799929 how are you going to achieve it? By jumping on OP and sucking on her? Or by posting horny short stories on /d/ and /u/?

| >>799885 failed miserably today

| How/why do you g/u/rls nut that much?
I'm not a gal that tries NNN anyways, because I don't have a problem/addiction with fapping.
I don't even fap.
I don't feel the need to.
If I see hot drawings I can appreciate them, maybe I get a little horny but that's it.
I can't see why it's so difficult for you g/u/rls.

| >>799935 well congrats you are unique, now take off your pants, I will fap your dick until you C U M.

| >>799939 Oh my~
There's no need to be too aggresive~

| >>799939 im not asking for much, except that you cum in me at the end of NNN brother

| >>799931 I mean, if I'm going to lose NNN with some hot passionate sex, it's so damn worth it

| No Noise November
everyone shutup

| i would be happy to help relieve all the strong g/u/rls that survive NNN by giving them a warm, welcoming place to release all that painful, built up gurlcum they've been saving up all month~

| >>800008

this makes me want to cum and want to not cum at the same time

| >>800027 i'd help relieve you either way~

| Nonstop Nut November is nice xd

| >>800060 literally me this month. Also,great post number, g/u/rl!

| >>800070 oh, mine too!

| Hey so I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to succeed with nnn if yo balls are healthy.
Wet dreams are nuts.

Also, females literally go crazy if they don't nut.

It's better to fail this trend challenge.

| I will actually do it. Might post in Dec when I succeed.

| >>800074 >females literally go crazy if they don't nut.

I'm a female and wtf ??

| >>800112 im rooting for you g/u/rl! post your massive victory nut after?~

| Starting to have wet dreams and I'm only 4 days in. That's weird because I've gone longer than 4 days before without any dreams. I'm not complaining though.

| >>800171 i guess she already did. There was a lost in d about how she'd gonna Masturbate Victoriously

| Post*

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This thread is permanently archived