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My sissy solo night

| I put on tight Jean shorts and pink panties

A pink tank top barely covering my nipples

And I fucked myself with a small dildo for like 15 minutes while recording 7 of them in many different positions until I came

Best night ever

| That's pretty based OP, I'm really glad for you~

| I love sex.

| That sounds like a fun time! Hope you get to experience getting railed by an actual dick some day too, it's even better.

| >>795311 >>795319 thank you ~

I really can't wait for the next night I get on my own, if I didn't have work today I'd have gone for so long

| >>795306 link?

| >>795306 that sounds very fun!

| ... and very gay. I mean, jeans shorts??

| >>795461 this g/u/rl gets it

| (is op a never-nude?)

| >>795370 sorry I recorded it for personal use! I didn't upload this anywhere

>>795458 it's the must fun I've had in months ~

| Glad you had fun!
Just make sure to store the videos offline. Everything leaks these days

| >>795961 it's not offline if it's airgapped! Hope it's not stored on same device that was used for this thread

| >>795997
What does that mean? Not the same device but I'm curious now

| okay so are you gonna share with the class or...?

| >>796390 basically, even if you have the device connected to the internet, it can be breached and anything on it leaked. Airgapped means no connection whatsoever, not just network but something like Bluetooth too

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This thread is permanently archived