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I wanna let my future partner sleeprape me anytime

| And I'm trying to think of a way to say that without sounding like a broken slut. Like I just wanna wake up with a dick in my mouth sometimes is that too much to ask?

Well tbh I also wanna wake up my partner by rubbing my dick on their lips. I think that's a good enough reward to waking up early, no?

Either way trying to think of how to tell a possibly normie that I like sleeprape without them forcing me to sleep on separate beds. Maybe not calling it sleeprape would be a start?

| Don't call it sleeprape, for one.
Most guys love being woken up by blowjobs.

| Yeah fair point I just like got this kink from fucked up hentai. Like playing around with someone's drunk body while they're asleep, seeing how far you can push it

I might end up pretending to be asleep until they try to stick their dick in me and then leglock and hug them. That just gets me going to hard

| Crawling under the bedsheets to give me oral is a close second favourite fantasy. Just lifting my blanket to see what's making me feel good is so hot!

| >>793700 are u a guy or a girl? It sorta makes it different depending

| Op I told my gf I think it would be hot to wake up to her doing lewd things to me and she said she wasn't sure she was comfortable with it and she'd probably wake me up to make sure it's okay anyway but like we're adults if your relationship can't handle you being honest is it really something you want?

| Hot.

| To be fair, a friend wanted to start a friends with benefits relationship and offered for me to "do lewd things" to them while they were asleep, but I couldn't bring myself to. It just felt wrong, and this is coming from someone who's usually into noncon/bdsm stuff...

| Rape is about lack of consent. You can't like being raped, and if you like rape you have big issues.
If all is with consent, then why the fuck would you call it rape?

| >>793725 alright calm down. You're Right but OP is coming from what's basically a doujin tag. They already explained what they meant. Its not actually rape they're into and they already acknowledged that. No reason to be so critical.

| >>793725 It's a funny thing wanting to not want to get fucked. It's like since it's a fantasy I just imagine everything I want to make me feel good. Like you don't get many rape hentai where said rapist just sucks at sex and runs off

So idk calling it sleeprape just turns me on, same with like calling orgies gangrapes or like calling the person you're fucking a bitch. Like it's just Dom/Sub fantasies and I'm a switch so I think of both.

So basically

>>793727 what they said.

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