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Horsecock problem

| I'm after transplantation, because my old dick rot away after being unwashed. Now I've got a schlong, that's like 2/3rd of my leg. It's not perfect though. Whenever I get horny, my heart keeps pounding, and when it's hard enough, I faint. I can't have sex with this! Does GlitchCity give any welfare for this disability?

| Just have sex while unconscious.

| Just insert a rod into your urethra to stiffen your dick, but also use a cockcage to prevent it from getting actually hard. Then have sex as usual

| They have aftermarket blood A
auto injectors to keep your blood pressure up whilst you have your massive horse cock erection. Will void the warranty on your cock though.

| You didn't get the free heart upgrade and prostate stimulator?

| >>793514 nope

| >>793577
Hahaha, what an isj├╗it

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This thread is permanently archived