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Would anyone date someone who's an internet sex worker?

| I sometimes feel like no one could love or want me romantically, only sexually...

| *shrugs*
I'd give anyone a chance. I think my time is really stretched with the amount of people I'm working with right now tho
You can always leave some contact here and I'll get back to you, see if it works?
>t. polyg/u/rl

| Well, romance is often about intimacy, and people can have a hard time feeling intimate with someone who shares this intimacy with random people.
Not all of them though.

| I'll only date you if you bear my children

| >>793461
There's someone out there right now who thinks you are the absolute best. You don't need to be an internet sex worker to find your true romance partner

| Probably not. Unless it was a specific type of person who was doing it solely for the money and knows how lucrative it can be. With the exemption being that after the money is made from essentially selling her youthful looks for a few years it goes towards the future for our children. Because if done right you can make a shit ton of money. Though in general I personally would avoid sex workers since that shit just seems like it has a high likelyhood of going south.

| Fun fact: most internet-only sex workers & streamers are only doing it for the money, and most of them have a significant other off-camera.

| I mean if I vibe with them, yea absolutely

| I can imagine situations where it would be a problem, but I don't see any issue with it generally

| Depends if you're just doing lewd things yourself then no problem, but if you're like fucking some guy or girl for it I'm not okay with that personally but there will be people who are so

| Just stop selling yourself and people will start to look at you in another way

| I would, I only hope you'd let me in on the action

| Hell no
Aint dealing with an e-whore

| You're all cowards for saying no and that's that

| >>793461 https://youtu.be/1fbR7b8zxNc

| >>793792
The comments of that video exude the strongest incel energy I've seen this year. Kyrie eleison.

| >>793791 you're a slut

| >>793808 Sluts are good.
You're just the one who can't get laid. :^)

| >>793801 Alhamdulillah we have nothing to do with e-whores nor incels

| I'm too jealous of a person to be able to date someone knowing loads of sweaty weirdoes are jacking it to them at the same time.

| >>793461
Well it depends of course eProstituting can have a lot of variations.
Sex with another person on cam, hell no I can't share my gf like that.
Now, if you are just posting nudes I wouldn't really mind as long as your real name and address aren't connected to any of it. Neither of us wants greasy weirdos splurging cum onto our driveway.
I would worry about commitment problems with someone who is messaged by pathetic guys who would spend big cash to get the real thing.

| depends on what you mean by sex worker.

I don't think i'd care all that much if they were a cam girl, if anything I'd fucking it pretty hot.

Actual prostitute/escort is a little more dicey though, since there would be the possibility of contracting a STD. A lot of higher class/more expensive prostitutes will check their client's package first or ask for proof of STD testing, but not always.

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