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My girlfriend is a sex worker

| Have you tried to date a sex worker?

| Finally, a girlfriend that knows how to have sex.

| Did you fuck her mouth? Because I sure did fuck yours

| I love sex.

| >>792824 ok so who is the real sex worker?

| It makes me so sad.

| >>793016 who

| If you have to pay her, she isn't your girlfriend.

| Win win to me.

| Real question tho, aren't either of you scared of getting STD?

| No I don't have to pay her. She cares about me. But my heart hurts..

| >But my heart hurts
Sex is sex. Go have some.

| Get a new girlfriend

| Oof.
Well, it is technically her job...plus, she still cares about ya-

| In that case, it's not your girlfriend, but ours

| >>793396

| Embrace cuckoldry

| >>793480 t. soy cuck

| >>793212 this

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This thread is permanently archived