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Is it bad I only look for sex nowadays?

| I've had a good handful of sexual partners and after riding the single life for so long and enjoying casual experiences I feel like awful for never wanting an actual relationship. All the gratification I get from realtionships is sexual in one way or another and I dunno if it's a bad thing or not to be this way.

| Why would it be bad?
I love sex, you love sex, your partner loves sex.
Tell your partner that all you're getting out of this is sex (it's hard, I know) and if they're down, enjoy.

| I fuck you in your ass, I fuck you in your mouth

| I love sex.

| It's not bad, but sad.

| Sex for the sake of sex is giving into lust and doesn't satisfy on an emotional level (for me at least). Facking isn't the same as making love but I wouldn't know.

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This thread is permanently archived