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Why do partners feel like a burden?

| I love the flirting stages of a relationship. Everything feels fresh and new and amazing~
But eventually, the person you're flirting with starts texting you all the time (and expecting you reply no matter what you're doing), be lovey-dovey whenever *they* feel like it (how could you not mirror their affection), expecting you spend each moment with them and otherwise become more like a chore to deal with than someone you look forward to seeing each day.

| Is this... just how people act? What do you g/u/rls say to yourselves so that it doesn't bother you as much?

| i really relate to this. the longest I've ever dated someone is 2 months before I broke it off. its not that im afraid of commitment or things were getting serious i just freak out. its like i need to keep someone at arms length or i cant breathe. i hate it but I can't stop it. its entirely me every time and I feel like a dick so i hate even trying anymore.

| >>791559 Honestly sounds like I should break things off with my current partner and hit you up, it's a relief to hear I'm not the weird one here

| The last time I felt like this with a partner I ended up coming out of the relationship with ~issues~. Broke the damn thing off bc I felt suffocated.
Basically if you've made it clear that this is not how you roll and how you want the relationship to be and they continue, I'd honestly advise breaking up. You have boundaries and they gotta respect that

| Mind you, I also had a really nice, trusting and fun long-term relationship that never ended up feeling like that. It's possible, and feeling like your partner is a chore isn't something you need to just accept as "that's just how it is"

| Why dont you warn the person you're flirting with that it'll never go further than flirting >>f0e8ae and>>fd9acc ?
Would be nice cuz it would prevent me from wasting my time with people like you

| >>791578 "I hate when people get close, but I never tell them and just break up when they're trusting me"
Good old respect is dead.

| >>791591 Honestly, it's a really hard thing to say, you just end up viewed as some asshole that only wants to use people, but that's not true, it's just... difficult to explain...

| >>791578 Someone's salty

| >>791561 deadass might well. i hope ur willing to be the grill tho cause id look bad in thigh highs

| >>791578 Because it has nothing to do with flirting. A year after highschool i wound up dating the girl I had only drramt of all throu it then dumping her two months later. i didn't want to and she was everything i hoped for. i just couldn't handle it. im too lonely to give up entirely but ive never been comfortable. you may think i should stop trying but its not like im just a fuckboy. it's horribly painful.

| Some of us just aren't built for what most people expect out of a relationship.

| >>791672 Most people expect mutual strangulation? What sort of BDSM have you been reading?

| >>791672 I agree, anytime I even get close to starting a relationship it all just backfires since I'm still working on myself and I'm just not ready for anything more than light flirting or one-sided friendship. I think I'm outta the dating game for now just gonna focus on work stuff til I get it together. But I genuinely love being alone than being with others so I don't think I can solve that so I can find a relationship. Oh well lol

| >>791657 Hit me up, let's make it happen
>willing to be the grill
hah, i am the best grill

| >>792034 u better be. id hate to disappoint my father hank hill. how u wanna do it? electronic mail? carrier pigeon? smoke signal? telepathy?

| >>792066 If you play to RP as Bobby I'm going to drop you immediately, I'm not into shota thanks.
I take Element or e-mail, with a preference for the former.

| >t. >>f0e8ae
My IP changed.

| I sell propane and propane accesories.

| >>792171 I don't rp at all. not into it, so exuse my bad joke. just to czech tho how old r ya?

| ah shite my ip changed as well. o wonder if they just universally refresh them>>fd9acc

| well, hope ur over 18 cause im 22. heres an old email if ur serious. im always down to at least talk about this sort of stuff. [email protected]

| >>792269 based hank

| >>792356
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| >>792635 ah shit i thought i tested it

| alright try [email protected] i made it fresh so as it implies it should work. hopefully.

| I've had my partner for 3 years now and it's honestly just about conversation, managing expectations and playing for the same team. I don't understand how people make it so complicated.

| >>792755 thats cause you cant understand the reasons for the complications. if you're saying that then you haven't the slightest idea

| I hope you two are able to find this unique happiness together. Cheering for you!!!

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