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I feel shameful

| I (F19) fucked myself thinking about a teacher at my school fucking me. He's young and very attractive. He's also an asshole but that's what makes him more appealing to me. I do feel awful about what I've done and I can't look at him after this. It feels wrong and I know it IS wrong. I wouldn't act on it but it's nice to imagine right?

| Wait so you are thinking about having sex with your teacher. Though you have done no actions just thoughts and that is why you feel shameful? Usually one feels shame for their actions. One can think of thoughts and never act on them. Though the key is not to act on then if they would be bad to do so.

| bruh moment

| Don't buy the "horny is sinful" shit from christians.
It's just a teenage thing, op is fine.

| Don't worry you won't get to fuck your teacher. If you do end up fucking your teacher it's on them

| You're allowed to fuck yourself thinking of anyone you like. If you fuck yourself enough thinking of other people you'd like to be fucked by, you will eventually desensitize yourself to the "wrongness" (of which there is none!) of the act.

Society programs us to be "pure" and to never do lewd things as a means of control. Deprogram yourself, g/u/rl.

| I love sex.

| >>791510 So no, let's not say it's fine if people do that while thinking of kids or whatever, especially because of that desensitization.

| >>791526 Sorry g/u/rl, we deal with toxic power structures first, and if you want to do nuance after, that's your prerogative.

| feel free to imagine fvcking anybody you like g/u/rl.that cost you nothin

| Ty guys for being supportive :') I know I really shouldn't feel bad about it but I always do for some reason. And you're right I won't act on it so I shouldn't feel bad for having these thoughts.

| the masturbation scene in devilman crybaby be like

| >>791528 I don't really see what would justify ignoring those "nuances". You can deal with whatever toxic structure you want at the same time you know.

| Stop being attracted to assholes and duck him after you graduate.

| >>85ad11 LMAOOOO. Ok :') It sucks that I can't use emojis to describe how funny this is to me.

| >>791476 i had something similar on elementary school in past xd

| >>791476 fuck your teacher

| >>940b59 Oh my God?!?!*insert crying emoji here* I can't do that ????

| >>940b59 the three question marks are a crying emoji btw :') and while that DOES sound nice I know it's wrong

| This is probably the same g/u/to as that other shameslut thread.

| *g/u/rl

| >>792458 indeee

| Indeed

| Would you act on it if you had the chance?

| >>cec894 I mean....it's really wrong but I can't deny that I wouldn't want that to happen. I don't think I would though. I'm too shy and I'd regret it.

| >>854ace It is>:)

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