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is it normal to get a boner when talking about serious love stuff?

| okay, so to give context, my girlfriend and I are talking about getting married and starting a family. Just romantic talk, not like it's a solid concrete plan, but we do plan it to happen.
and everytime that we talk about it, about having kids and about living in the same house that we bought, about going grocery shopping together, I get a boner.

My girl and I haven't been that long though. Just a little bit over a year and a half, going two. So maybe it's just me being a kid.

| Is it normal though? Or am I weird?

| love? ew, gross.

| Yeah, I'm with >>957854 on this one. Absolutely disgusting, OP.

| Imagine being in love.
Couldn't be me!

| Disgusting!

| Pretty cringe of op tbh.

| We are just salty about op getting laid and being pure.

| >>791370 I'm going to salt you. uwu

| I think 2 years is too soon for that sort of talk, wait at least 5 years.

| >>791412 I agree with this strange g/u/rl

| can you show us your boner?

| for diagnosis puroposes

| >>791412 Wait at least 50 years. You're never too careful.

| You get a boner whenever you talk about kids? I dunno about that, chief

| I bet youre a virgin

| I get boner all the time. I don't know if it's normal or not, but if I feel strong emotion I get boner, despite not feeling any horny. I'm borderline asexual in the way that I don't really care much about sexual stuff at all, but I just get boner from almost any strong emotion, even sad, and also at random, despite being all adult and stuff. Is weird stuff.

| lmao everyone on this thread is just jealous of you op, you're fine

| Ok, here's an actual answer:

Boners in general are an ok thing. They can happen because of pretty much anything, from a random thoughts about something not related to sex in the slightest to a naked women in front of you. It happens because hormones are working unpredictably and this reaction is not an indicator of being horny.

I would say that your body reacts like that because the thought of having babies is closely tied to having sex, but I got no way of proving it.

| OP here
>>791412 we sort of talk about it, just imagining things in our future. I'm happy with her, and I really feel like she is the one for me. Though we'll be serious about this stuff, someday soon, we're just thinking what future would be like when we start a family.

>>791480 Okay, that makes sense. But even the thought of doing responsible adult things for her and our (would be) family gives me a stiffy. True, not in a very sexual way, all the time. Thanks for this answer. <:

| just dont do it.that means ur not ready.wait at least 50 years for sure

| Just break up with your GF immediately to be honest
Oh, and send me her phone number so I can make sure she understand you want nothing to do with her anymore

| >>46e224 I have heard of emotional boners before so I'd say yes you're normal don't worry

| And maybe that's a term you'd like to look up for reassurance

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