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I think im emotionally a bottom

| im str8 and a boy so i don't know how this is even possible?? im not into butt stuff its just like??? strong tall g/u/rl hot. like yes mommy but not actually mommy fetish that gets gross like i just want to be held by someone stronger than me?? i am not small so i guess i am cursed to roam the earth alone?? immense pain

| How tall are you?
I'm *seriously* into tall girls myself.
They're pretty common where I am thankfully, but also I'm small & bi so I have plenty male choices if I can't fish anything up.
(Tall girls are great through.)

| >>790769 5'11" maybe 6 with shoes. im pretty fit but im built really wide. i also despise body hair but it doesn't despise me so im really just cursed. going hollow

| >>790774
Oof and ouch. 6'2" is the tallest girl I've ever seen and that was... like, 99th percentile...
>i also despise body hair
Oh, this one we can work on.
You can just get full body laser if you've got some money lying around.
You come in a few times, lady rubs you with like one of those Nintendo zappers, hair's gone.

| >>790780 yeah im just broke as shit due to the incurable disease of studentship. bodies are a strange thing to me anyway and my goal is to go into applied human genetic engineering, but humans dont like to humor things that threaten their forms so who knows how far ill get. anyway its not like i want to be weaker or smaller so truly life is pain

| i guess its needless to say ditf is my favorite anime. you don't gotta tell me its ass and i have no taste i know but i cant help loving what i love.

| >>790762
>str8 boy

| Some dominatrix is gonna love you

| >>790810 can we pretend like airplanes in noit sky

| anyway yeah no dommy mommy is a bit much. id like someone to be firm but even mock cruelty is very un-sexy to me. its a hard spot to be in.

| >tfw 6'4" bearmode guy who constantly fantasizes about big strong orc ladies and amazons because I'll never find a girl bigger and stronger than I am.
Are we here just to suffer?

| >>791294 indeed we are

| I remember one girl what was one head higher than me from dancing course.. she was having little bit cold way of speak or how say it, night owl, playing games.. i feel little sad that i'm not having any kind of contact to her, i was really shy to talk.. i wish to know her tbh little bit

| >>791600 a moment of silence for your loss

| >>790793 nipaah

| >>791660 it was in 2017 "^^ but her personality was.. xd

| Can you actually write a coherent sentence, like goddamn

| >>792227 nope, but maybe i can think about it.. xd

| yes. idk why being a guy and a bottom is associated with pegging, just want a tall big mommy to call me nice things. glad to see others bonding over these things

| >>792808 exactly. this guy fuckin gets it

| >>792808 <3

| >>6e925c >>6d7243 <3

| Like, getting penetrated is just what bottom means. This sounds more like being a bit of a sub to me

| >>792850 nah because im not into actually dommy shit. even mock cruelty is very un-sexy to me. besides if that's what it meant then the word pegging wouldn't be used to describe that because it would just be part of it

| Bruh that's tragic, 5'11 and into taller women.

| >>792961 its a fucking cold motherfucker of a world

| >>792961
Get your girl platform heels.

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