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What is your sexual opinion about mermaids?

| They are extra beautiful if they got a great voice too

| Fishy

| Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it's better
there where it's wetter
take it from me~

| No sex with mermaids, they drop eggs on the floor and you just jerk off on top of those.

| Breed the fish

| >>789663
Not unless she's the other kind of mermaid. The one with the fish part on top and the woman part on bottom.

| >>789686 New question: What is you sexual opinion about women with fish face?

| Refer to Vaporeon for my opinions on water-based mammals.

| >>789663 Ah yes. the lost city of Atlanta

| Gross. Disgusting. Puke worthy.

| >>789698
The Innsmouth Look is def one of my top kinks

| I prefer maids of the non-mer variety.

| Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy unite!

| >>789713 Hey guys did you know that in term of male human and female pokemon...

| >>789941 are you a mer-racist? I'm kidding lmao

| >>789941
Like naughty argonian maids? They're unrelated to both men and mer.

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This thread is permanently archived