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Good God

| I hate myself. I am aroused by filthy mind control doujins and I'm a hypocrite. What the fuck is my end game? I don't want to rape people, but...

| Btw I mean raping as in ERP..

| It's okay, OP. Wanting to rape someone is a power fantasy, and you are entitled to your power fantasies. Just don't go out raping real people, okay?

| >>789253 but I can't help, hut to feel awful, because ERP technically is with a real person

| >>789255
You're a good girl. If the person you were raping didn't want to get raped, they would've just disconnected.
It's the internet, dummy. Just relax and enjoy yourself.

| >>789256 uuu, I'll try, but it is loke, disgusting..

| >>789259 If it weren't so disgusting, would it feel so good? <3

| >>789262 buut...

| Lose your mind and act like you're hypnotized, yet say that you're not hypnotized. That's hot.

| >>789343 you're the worst!

| >>789343 That sounds really hot.

| Rape fetishes are like a stupidly common thing it seems despite how obviously looked down upon it is. Endgame is like getting into BDSM and roleplaying your kinks with other ppl who want in.

Hell, wanting to get raped is like an even weirder kink then rape! Like that's just a logical contradiction! I like both so idk.

My fav fantasy is getting raped in my sleep by someone playing with my dick, tho mind control and hypno are hot shit as well.

| I love hypno kink

| Apperently heard from some ppl that Hypno worked on them. I personally never thought it was real but now I kinda wanna practice, even if it's not like in manga and you need a willing participant

| >>789229
you should try hypno to see if you can reverse your kink!
Getting raped is a surprisingly common, like 2/3rd's of the population, kink!

| >>789455 Getting raped is also surprisingly common

| >>789462 wait, is being raped a common kink? I have hypno and "to rape someone" kinks, but I never thought the other kink side (getting raped) would be common as well

| It's not a common kink but some degenerates are saying it is, and I'm worried about the reasons they'd do that.
But most people here have a.. Special vision of sexuality in which things like consent are futile, so it's not so surprising.

| yeah that sucks op but trust me there are worse afflictions. at least you like normal grills

| >>789520 Just go have sex, nerd. Gosh.

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