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I must say this

| I love dicks. The smell of dicks is amazing. Give me dicks please.

| I can lend you mine, if you're okay with it

| >>789328
Yes, I would like to borrow one penis, please. Here's my library card.

| >>789328 give me too, I especially love dicks that leak pre-cum, I wanna taste it already yummm

| >>789329 >>789362 Oh dear, guess you'll have to share it, and you're in luck, I woke up extra horny today

| >>789382 I don't mind sharing, I love to worship a cock and I love to watch others worship a cock even more.

| Get yourself a guy with a detachable penis, then you can take the cock anywhere!

| >>789460 or maybe just find a guy anywhere you go so you can have some cocks anywhere. I like the thrill of blowing a stranger.

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This thread is permanently archived