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| I am attracted to pregnant women. I want to make a girl pregnant and then have more sex with her. How bad am I?

| I love sex.

| You're normal, about as normal as one can be.

| I want to make a man pregnant and pound his ass more.

| >>789177 why are we repackaging the basic evolutionary instinct of breeding and knocking up a woman as some sort of fetish?

| >>789401 Having children is pedo enabling. Don't enable a pedo, don't have children.

| >>789401
because everyone is addicted to porn and viewing things through a sexual lens. So a basic biological instinct is now a fetish to sell more porn.

| >>789403 ahh yes,I shall enable pedophiles by having children and raising them in a supportive and loving environment and by protecting them and supporting them the best that I can. Muhahah.

| Having a pregnant/impregnation fetish is way more normal than foot fetish.

| >>789401 >>789461 >>789626
I don't actually think of having children, I want to coom on a woman while she's pregnant with my child.
I have many weird fantasies revolving around this.

| >>789660 is this how we are marking our women and men as our own? Like a dog pissing on a tree to mark it's territory. We just cum on things?

| >>790000 I'm gonna coom on everything now, thanks you for the wise advice.

| >>790000 But what if you get cummed on a lot by a lot of different people?

| >>790120 That's communism.

| *cummunism

| >>790123 I'm now a proud member of the Cummunist Party

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This thread is permanently archived