I long to do a bukkake!

| I identify as bigender however i have a penis and people view me as male. But i want to be in a room full of guys.. Lots of guys, and i just want them to cum in my mouth. I want all of their cum. And once my mouth is full, I want to swollow it all so i can have room for more. I really want that so much! I want it to happen on a weekly basis. It would make me so happy... I guess I wanted to express here. Thank you ^_^

| Also I don't know where to go to do this around where I live...

| Why is that gays are always sub?

| >>788617 cuz they're effeminate

| >>788630 My daddy taught me to be a man

| >>788617 that's not the, I think the doms are just less likely to talk about it randomly because it's seen as more threatening

| >I identify as...
Utter cringe.

| >>788681 feel that cringe deep within ya.

| >>788680 Less threatening and more just don't see the need to beg to rando strangers for it.

| Swallowing gulps of pure cum sounds very fun

| I love cum

| I love sex

| I love sex and cum.

| god when op made this thread i was like this aint it but its way fuckin better than whatever goin on in the cleaning lady thread.

| >>788600
You are disgusting and mentally ill.
The fact that you think there's places to do this, on top of your previously stated demented concepts like being bigender, says a lot about you. Being a gay porn addict is not a personality. Get off the internet from time to time and get a hobby.

| >>789151 dude if you think what people post here is how they actually are then you're the one that needs to get off of the internet lmao people lie rampant on the inet. This is as normal as it can get.

| >>789151 Here she is again, the morals g/u/rl.
What sort of shitpost is she bringing this time?

| Imagine coming to danger/d/ and getting offended more crackposts. Just gtfo pretentious asshat.

| >>789242 I've seen her a lot of times lately, unfortunately.
Why does this Moral g/u/rl keep appearing here?
Probably she wants her mind to be "corrupted" by us the "sinners" and/or by the "mentally ill" g/u/rls
Seems like she has a mind breaking kink lol

| >>789443
Moral g/u/rl is just trying to help.
Getting bukkake'd by a bunch of random dudes is an excellent way to catch some new and exciting STDs.
Screen your partners, g/u/rls!

| >>789459 what if everyone is free of STDs by medical checks? And if everyone use condoms?

| >>789483 everyone involved in the bukkake I mean *

| >>789483 I support free healthcare for everyone in hopes of eliminating all forms of STDs! So we can finally live in a world where anyone who wants to can be a meat toilet

| >>789151 I agree with you

| >>789483 I'm all for condoms but i see a problem here

| >>789680 oh yeah that's a good point

| Choke on cum.

| >>789895 top five ways to die easy

| >>789592 One day>///>

| >>789151 OP here. My original post is all true and exactly how I felt at the time. I am Bigender with desires. I'm not going to lie, it is a bit of an embarrassing desire. But it is something I want to do. This place does have a realm of anonymously and provides an easy way do express oneself. Sooooo how about youuu.. Piss off with your negativity. Ok? ;) Thank you to everyone else for any support.

| Step 1. Cover yourself in semen.
Step 2.

| >>789899 best way to die easily. No contest.

| >>790261
You're bisexual and gangbang bukkakes are easy to arrange, esp. if you look cute and breedable. Just gotta find the right people, and you can do it!

| >>790746 Thank you. Will keep searching for the right opportunity.

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