Virgin with rage

| I'll rape someone

| I mever had a gf

| I was never kissed

| >being angry because you don't have someone society tells you to have
Now this is the true el bromas.

| >>788101 indeed! I've trascended and now I dont feel the need to have a gf because I know that humans can live alone and have a more quiet live!

| Having a relationship sounds tiring to me. I just wanna live in a cabin in the woods doing my hobbies. GFs/BFs sound like a hinderance to my grindset

| I love sex.

| >>788133
Coping or genuine?

Having someone to share parts of your life with is fucking awesome.

| >>788136 ...you need a GF/BF to be able to share parts of your life with someone? I didn't know I was polyamorous~

| Reporting you.

| >>788133
Trust me, relationships aren't tiring. They're rejuvinating.

Are making love to your friends or...?

| >>788181 they are rejuvinating! Until they are not. And, if you know the situation with a lot of people cutting out their relationships these days...
You should know by now that relationship get tiring pretty soon...

| Ok whatever you say OP, go back playing fortnite will you

| >>788096 "I consider that I should be given everything or it gives me the right to rape and murder." - wonders why they were always alone

| >>788221 Like, I fucking know right ?

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