Fuck acting your dick size

| How about you act how well you can pleasure a fucking woman huh ? Having a big dick dont mean shit if you cant even make your girl cum fuck off

| >orgasms
Grow up g/u/rl, that's a fairy tale the sex toy industry made up to sell us more vibrators.

| As for me im tired the guy can cum all he wants but I can literally just go fuck myself

| Why would I need to make a girl cum when I can make a guy cum?


| What is OP trying to say here?

| I'm hung af and I'm still shy, depressed and nervous.

Also most women don't seem to like big dicks because they hurt etc

| >>788065 what Im trying to say is that dick size only matters when it's too small or too big
Guys with a big dick often act as if they were a sex God or sum when in fact they cant do shit in bed, they think everything is acquired when you have a big dick

| >>788094 true, big dick isn't that great because of the pain, that's why, if you have a big dick, you make sure to stretch to 3 fingers and thrust too deep when you do the real deal
I suggest you do a missionary variant in which you are glued to your partner's body
1. It's more intimate
2. As someone who was with an 8 inch and who has a small body, it's the least painful legit

| >>788118 I just reread the post and i meant "and not thrust too deep" I'm a dumbass

| >>788118 Not to mention having creeps getting way too obsessed with how big it is

| Ew big dicks. Average sized dicks>>>i prefer them.

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