What is your sexual opinion about Dwarves?

| I'm a dwarf and I'm digging a hole

| There's no sexual opinion because I've never thought of them that way.

Nice. Say hello to the elves from me.

| Dwarves are not sexual.

| And while I'm at it, considering anyone under 6 feet someone you'd want to fuck is deeply immoral.
I do not accept criticism.

| >>787489 lmao

| >>787488 Are you saying dwarves are not capable of feeling horny? That's pretty racist imo lololol

| >>787487 ok fair enough

| >>787489 measuring length in anything other than meters is deeply immoral.

Dwarves are hot though.

| >>787517 I agree with everything you just said.
You're the definition of based.
Please keep existing to light the path of the fallen.

| Drunk, rock digging, braindead, cave dwellers

| shortstacks <3

| I would never fuck an inchling. Sorry.

| >>787596 That's racist.

| >>787617 Why? Can't I have a preference?

| lets here the predictions for the next thread. OP is about out of generic RPG races so hes either gonna have to get spicy with something like lamias, repetitive with something like dark elves or halflings, or vile with something like centaurs. personally I predict something like vampires as a neutral ground but im wondering what the other g/u/rls will prophesize.

| >>787692 OP here, and yeah. I'm gonna ask the sexual opinion about every mithological/monster being.
Maybe even Ctuhlhu someday lmao

| >>787701 nice. the more frenzy they build, the hotter they get.

| >>787673 That's what racists say.

| >>787760 LO

| Dwarves aren't very good for sex, they're great allies and probably the best humanoid fantasy race though.

| >>787851 Well, I have to agree that dwarves are the best humanoid fantasy race indeed.
But damn, you need a new set of imagination! Those are fiery hearts the ones of the dwarves!!

| >>787855 shut up midget

| >>787858 no u

| No other race give a beard job like a dwarf can. They occupy a special place in my heart.

| >>787877 my homie

| >>787877 ew gross.

| Dwarf women are anvils.
It's obvious.
I will not be taking questions at this time.

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