So like... Amputees?

| *cyberpunk 2077 meme theme plays*

| No.

| I should play Katawa Shoujo again

| Boring. What's the point of beating a woman who had no chance of fighting back in the first place?

| >>787364 it's not so much about beating them thats the appeal, the main appeal of amputees is the fact that they have no way to fight against you and that they have to be dependent on a person completely.

| >>d4938d i figured it was more to do with body horror. Like people get off on the absence of what should be there. Like dicks.

| >>787373 could you elaborate further? I like amputees girls, and I personally think it's because they give me a feeling that I must protect and I want to protect them :D

>>787320 I love Katawa Shoujo!! A masterpiece of Visual Novels. (Maybe that game was a reason I got into amputees girls lol)

| >>787390
Did you play the expansion where you can date the girl with one hand? I haven't tried it yet.

| >>787391 Wait what?! There's an expansion to date that girl?! I must investigate! Hehe

| I prefer someone that's blind, deaf or mute. Sorry.

| >>787431 Those are very cute as well!

| man i really made this while drunk and forgot about it but you guys got the wrong idea. it ain't about fightin its about lovin

| >>787592 indeed!

| god im so alone

| The less limbs the better

| >>787861 indeed, fuckmeats are the best!

| see no, no, that aint the point either. granted i don't know exactly what the point is, but that aint it.

| >>787861 yeah, i mean, the less limbs they have, the harder it is for them to fight back lol.
Nah for real, as a fetish, just no. Maybe one leg or one arm missing, sure not a problem, but any more than that it's a hard pass.

| so the optimal consensus is 2

| I'd try it only if I get detachable cyborg arms back. Like might kill some of your guys boners but that's the only way someone would agree to that

| >>788113 A myoelectric arm runs between $35-75k. I'm sure someone would pay at least twice that for the privilege of taking your original arm off.

| kinky

| robots and cyborgs are hot but its a different kinda hot

| >>788170 I love them as well

| its different though. hard to say how

| horny

| This is why I play Among Us. I don't play for the gameplay

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