Send me pictures of your balls or just talk bout nuts

| Balls are hot
I wanna lick em
Smell them
And have them on my face while i jerk off

| They are shaved and smooth

| I like cashews

| What's in it for me if I let you jerk off with my balls on your face?

| >>786985 most likely a blow job, possibly a handjob and if you're lucky a quickie in the back but that's up to OP

| >>786987
I don't know those all sound like things he wants also. Maybe he could buy me a couple drinks or something.

| >>786989 I'm sure drinks can be arranged! Hell, why not make it a dinner date with a movie? A risque movie starring the two of you, perhaps?

| >>786990
If OP is willing to have my balls on his grovelling face immortalized on video then sure, sounds like a good time.

| In Femboy Hooters, We serve our customers with extra nuts.

| Mine aint nothing special, but this boy gets the job done
Also its soft tho <3

| >>787132 For some reason I never expected anyone to actually post their dick and balls here. Colour me surprised.

| >>787134 sorry if i did make you uncomfortable , i thought this was the purpose of the post :(

| >>787132 where's the dick and balls? I can't see anything

| >>787134
You new here?

| ...▄█▓░░░░░░░░░▓█▄
..▄▀░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ▀▄

| seriously? dont you have kik or discord or literally everywhere else to post your fucking balls instead of /u/? fuck this place

| O_O

| My bud's are a bit strange but its cute seeing how sensitive they are when I grope them.

| I FUCKING LOVE cashew nuts! What is your favorite nut?!

| >>787184
Hey man, OP asked. He shouldn't have wanted to see balls, don't be mad someone just tried to contribute.

| Like i said i thought it was the purpose of the post. I didnt wanted to offended anyone.
And if you dont want to see it dick and balls, why you click in a link abou dick and balls?

| >>787184 hoes mad

| >And if you dont want to see it dick and balls, why you click in a link abou dick and balls?

good point but /d/ next time pls

| >>787236 Some people just want to subconsciously see dicks and balls, you can't control it

PS. I'm not gay btw

| >>787238 i would if this post was there. But its here, and heres the place where we can talk about RANDOM things so idk what you trying to do.

| >>787255 that dont take away the responsability of your own actions.
OP wanted to see balls, i posted balls. Now, why someone who didnt want to see balls clicked in a topic called "send me balls" is beyond me, and i really dont care because thats not my problem.

| - /u/ discovers the concept of responsibility

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