I want to fuck a dog in the ass


| Please

| Ok cool

| Oh no

| Don't

| It's perfectly normal, good for you.

| I want to be fucked by dog

| Cool, it could actually happen, chase your dream gamers.

| great song taste OP.

| Go fuck the degenerate op who wants to fuck his sister instead. I'm sure you'll love each other.

| >>787085 Here he is. Here comes the autismo~

| >>787085 where were you when I was harassed here for disliking rape?!

| >>787124 Probably resting away from the degeneracy of this website. Too many bonobos here to fight them all.

| >>787124 when the fuck did that happen ?

| >>787137 g/u/rl why u still on this website then? Walk away from the screen, go outside, touch grass or smth

| >>787213 Because degenerates like the ones here need to be reminded that reality doesn't work like their twisted mind and that if they actually did 1% of the things they pretend they did, they should be in jail.

| >>787246 you do it not for their need, but for your own narcissistic need. No one asked you for this, and you just like thinking that you have moral highground. But any moral is ultimately is a spoook. So in reality, you are just wasting precious time of your life away

| >>787288 The fact that you don't understand the point of morals doesn't mean they're worthless as you imply.
And of course degenerates won't ask for people to tell them they're degenerates, and criminals won't ask to be put in prison, and cancerous cells won't stop duplicating for your sake. The world doesn't work like that.

| >>787300 I want to fuck a dog in the ass.
(She wants to fuck a dog in the ass)
I want to fuck a dog~
in the ass

| >>787300 I agree with you

| >>787300 I agree with you

| Shit sorry for double post

| >>787300 >degenerates won't ask for people to tell them they're degenerates
this is an excellent description of why you are wasting your time.

| >>787167 somewhere in March

| >>787384 damn I missed on some, why didn't the admins do anything ? Like, your community promotes rape Tf

| >>787744 nope

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