I want to be hugged

| Help

| I would offer you an email but Google isn't letting me make more emails.
I'm sorry.

| I want to be crushed between my buds thighs, I want him to absolutely demolish my head like an apple.

| >*sends you a hug over the internet*
That'll have to last you until I get there

| I wanna smother OP in my tits with hugs but for that I'd need big tits

| >>786157 your wish is noble and kind, if I was a genie, I would make your come true.

| Your wish*

| Sorry, pandemic era. No hugs.

| >>786332 :(

| Hugs will cost extra

| danger/u/ mass hug meetup when

| >>785925 here, take a wholesome hug sweetie~
*gently hugs you*

there, better now?

| >>786332
E-hugs just doesn't vibe as much, yknow? :(

| >>787142 y-yes anon-kun... twank you...>////<

| >>787203 no problem cutie~
but when I get to see you, I expect a lot of hugs, understood?

| Cringe.

| I think there's a place in Japan that offers that service

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