Is it gay to suck your own dick?

| asking for a friend

| Touching a penis is gay. Considering it's not possible not to touch your own penis, all men are gay. Your question is invalid.

| yeah yeah but like is it gayer than regular masterbation?

| It's not gay, it's advanced masturbation

| Nah, if you have a dick its gay, but if you beat one out for your buds it's not.

| Only if you don't swallow

| wait so swallowing makes it straightened?

| Nope. It's only gay if the balls are touching.

| Just say no homo when you finish.

| so like are you supposed to guzzle that shit like a gogurt or nah

| >>786138 you will refer to it as 'nectar from the gods'

| divine light severed. flesh automaton coordinated by nueroreceptors. reduced to gogurt.

| fuck i figured out that that action is within my capabilities and now i am afraid

| If you're sucking it because you want to suck a dick, it's gay. If you're sucking it because you're that desperate for the sensation of getting sucked off my a man, that's pretty gay too. You're gay either way.

| >>786263 So... what if that logic would extend to masturbation? Fap would be pretty gay then lol

| yeah see my thoughts exactly. logically it's no worse. equal exchange. but.... something seems off

| I agree but it's not got to do with gayness; because it's so hard and possibly unhealthy for people to get in that position, doing it for pleasure seems desperate/obsessive and most people don't want to feel that way

| I can suck your dick and reassure you that you aren't gay.

| You can call me mommy too~

| >>0e9301 yeah but how tall are you?

| and/or how many limbs do you have?

| Thing is, do you crave cum or cumming? In one case, it's gay, in other it's just general male horniness

| Imagine not craving cum though.

| >>786325 Seriously. Just pick me up with a gantry and dump me into a vat of cum like at the military base in Fallout 1

| >>786292 5'11 and sadly only 4 limbs ;_;
I want 4 arms let's go hurry up science

| >>786336 damn girls with extra limbs get me actin' up haha
Spider girls soon thanks to science please!!

| >>0e9301 i am unironically a bioengineer so perhaps something can be done

| >>786359 OH fuck let's goooooo

| but then again who's to say if i was aiming over 4 or under

| If you have a penis large enough to suck yourself then you deserve that shit, no hay shit, Shrigma g/u/rl right there

| No gay shit*

| yeah sure but its still not large enough to be loved by a girl 3 feet taller than me, my second greatest desire.

| Only if masturbation is also gay.

| >>786653 oof that's the problem g/u/rl! We don't really know! Lmao

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