I did it, I fed cum to my sister

| Following the recent post in the cousin fucking thread, I bought a pint of lemon sherbet ice cream, split it into bowls, stirred it a bit (so it becomes nice and creamy), came into hers and served it to her as we sat down to watch an episode Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.
The stuff is extremely sour, and if she detected any change in taste beyond that, she didn't tell me.
It was the most satisfying experience of the year so far~ I wonder if she noticed why I was looking at her so much...

| I hope you end up in jail with a cancer and get raped numerous times.

| Anyone else get that feeling of déjà vu?

| Uh...I- ... Why do I like these incest stories??? I'm not even into incest
(Okay maybe just a little)

| Idk if my morals are fucked or something, but I think it would have way been better for her to give ya a consensual bj and for her to gulp the semen instead of you feeding it to her without her knowing wtf

| Cool, what will be the next story you'll create ?

| >>785809 It's incest either way, the only reason this is worse is she didn't agree to eat it

| >>785764 Thanks, you too.
>>785773 I thought I didn't like incest stories either! But after reading them on /d/ and other places, I realized that I was lusting for my sister all along. You never really think about it and then it clicks~
>>785809 I hope to have her blow me one of these days. For now, I'm happy with what I've got. God, it was so hot~ <3

It's the end of summer, so I asked if she'd be willing to come to the beach (a 20 mile drive) with me. Can't exactly repeat the ///

| /// ice cream maneuver there, but I do wonder if she'd be willing to show off her new bikini with the last of the season's warmth.
The more quality time we spend together, the more likely we are to bond beyond just siblings, aren't we?

| I actually once mixed my pee with lemonade and made a girl actually drink it

| >>e4361c I think it might be the opposite actually. If you only want sex maybe it's the best you have nothing really to do with each other.
How are you gonna hide your boner at the beach?

| Sometimes i worry about you gurls...

| >>785878 same lmao

| >>785878 same

| God I hope this is satire.

| You go g/u/rl!

| >>785929 it's real. Just like spit in your burger.

| >>785864 I may just end up grabbing some waterproof tape and tucking my dick into my ballsack in the hopes of the boner not coming through. I have no idea if this will work.

We're going to travel on Saturday, and I actually went ahead and rented out a little cabin to spend the night at (pretty easy considering it's now off-season).
This may be dangerous, but I may try and get her drunk and see what happens...

| >>785771 Just a bit, gurl, just a bit... At least it was more to the point this time around

| Don't forget to use protection

| >these moralfags itt

Good going OP. I suggest you wait till she goes to sleep and starts snoring with her mouth open. You could position yourself above her and cum directly into her mouth.

| >>786165 hot

| Fucking degenerate

| >>786438 do you know that being called a degenerate is actually a compliment? (And a kink)

| >>786165 I didn't even knew this was an actual thing back then, sorry g/u/rl

| And you know what OP, I just won't question you anymore, just, just fucking deliver on here if you actually did it, I'm too fucking thrilled to know

| Oh look. I wrote this thread already.

| Not much of an update to be had I'm afraid.
We did go to the beach - and during the drive I got a bit scared, as there were patches of rain along the way but the shore itself turned out to be just fine.
The sun shonw just bright enough to balance out the breeze, but it was still chilly enough for her nippies to get hard once we got in the water. <3
Didn't spend a whole lot of time there though, perhaps half an hour. We then laid in the sun for a bit to dry off, ///

| /// and turns out both of us thought the other would have packed the sunscreen so I missed out on this much ;-;
We wandered the nearby tourist trap of a town, where I got her a wide brimmed straw sunhat to go with the flowy floral sundress she wore over the bikini that day. It wasn't remotely a sunhat day, but one - it gave me opportunity to call her gorgeous, and another to pivot towards casually mentioning that if she wants to warm up, I had some mead in the trunk of my car. ///

| /// The mead I had scored the day earlier, it was the rose mead that I know she loves but can't really get often (it's stupidly expensive). I can't imagine she didn't think it wasn't extremely convenient that I just had it lying around, but like last time: if she knew something was up, she said nothing. She drank a shot's worth I'd say, and then a glass of wine with dinner; she was noticeably tipsy by the time I was taking her to the cabin. ///

| /// I got away with nothing of course, being the driver. :^)
The cabin itself was a simple enough affair: a kitchen and dining area on the bottom, a bedroom with a single twin bed on top; porch overlooking the sea, a stack of firewood that I asked the owner to prepare for us. I did look for someplace that had its own fireplace, but I'm either blind or literally everyone has electric heating only nowadays - we've gone for a campfire instead, ///

| /// and spent a long, long time talking about everything and anything.
We did clear out the mead, but I didn't end up doing anything to her. Point one, I taped my dick down to keep my boner from being too obvious at the beach. Now, my dumbfuck self did that with flex tape. I only really got that thing off today by pouring acetone all over my dick and balls and I really hope that doing so doesn't end up giving me a cancer. ///

| /// Point two, she... does smell really good, she's extremely sexy and I love her to no end, but I don't *want* to take her this way. I want her to love me too and to want me too and to climb my dick of her own accord. I don't know how to achieve that just yet nor how to get started on it, I never really seduced a girl before much less my own family. I don't want to lose her by being too hasty. ///

| /// I settled for lying my head down on her chest and holding her close. We got up at around 10 in the morning, and after breakfast she did give me a kiss on the cheek for showing her such a good time, which was plenty validation for the choices I have made that night. I don't know how to proceed just yet, but I'm sure she will be mine one day.

| >not much of an update
>ends up writing seven posts
shit lmao

| Ganbatte kudasai OP-chan!!

| You're more polite than I thought OP, respecting her like that, I wish you good luck with your dream OP

| Awwwwwww, this update was kinda cute OP, ngl, and also just bringing a little treat for her such as expensive alcohol is already way more than what some guys have done for me, I wish you best of luck!

| Cool story bro.

| OP finally mix coom to her lotion/body oil! More at 6.

| >>786662 hot

| Shiiiiit, now I want to see chapter 2! This is wholesome

| A nice combination of degeneracy and wholesomeness i love it?

| Hey OP, how old is your sister?

| >>786811 g/u/rl asking the real questions here

| obvious bait, sucks ass

| The comments and this whole thread are enough of a reason to burn humanity down.

| Hey everyone, OP here.
I haven't abandoned the thread. My sister's still on break from uni, but they've been driving me really hard at work and I barely have the energy to do anything once I'm out the office. ;-;
we've finished the first season of Iruma-kun, which is really good actually, first time I saw honest to God musical numbers in an anime. I think the weekend date really helped to bring us together, she'll lean on my shoulder sometimes as we watch stuff... ///

| /// I'll ask if we can watch Oreimo together, what can go wrong..?
>>786497 >>786525 >>786544 Thank you all~ I really hope this works out!
>>786811 She's 24 and I'm 21.

| >>787120 if you like anime musicals, watch anthem of the heart. It's a movie

| This is an older sister thread?!

| >>787185 Sadly this is basically what this place has become

| >>787185 record it and post it on youtube, we need less people like you.

| >>787249 >falling for an obvious

| >>787290 >not understanding what I wrote

| Jesus Christ that's messed up man. You're lucky she didn't find out

| >>787532 another one

| Kinda reminds me of reading a post long time ago about a chick working at McDonald's, and placed pickles on her nipples before putting them on burgers and serving them to customers

| ... Its pickle niiiiiips,
Ill see myself out

| >putting flex tape on a dick
Brb, have to go recover my sides from orbit

| >>787677 for what purpose though?

| >>787677 do you have the source link to that post? I like my burgers with sweet milkies

| >>788238 nutritional value?

| >>788238 Pleasure, and enjoyment

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