What is your sexual opinion about Orcs?

| You already know the rumors about them, the girls are hot tomboys, and orc males are famous for their dominance and brutality 7u7

| >will never have toned tomboy orc gf that love you and milks the fuck out of you

why even live?

| >a strong dominant orc will never pluck you from your forest camp to absolutely annihilate your nethers

why even live?

| Death by snu-snu

| >>785607 >>785614
I feel you g/u/rls

| I mean I feel you g/u/rl hehe

| >no orc gf/bf

why even live?

| Orc teeth scare me and my delicate bits

| >>785707 munch

| Orc boys are genuinely a very cute thing. I would want one to fuck me into submissio.

| n

| Green, Muscles, Absolute top energy, Nurturing dommy mommy vibes. Can literally pick you up, suck your dick and crush you like a caprisun

| >>785604 can i have one orc woman~ i mean~ respectively can she have me? "^^

| world of warcraft type orcs? fuck no. this isn't Skyrim and if it was id be trying to fuck the dragons. oniichan type orcs? fuuuccc yes. horns are fuckin awesome especially if they're like the front facing crystalline kind. plus tall and strong is good and nice.

| I misread the title as 'Orca' and am deeply disappointed.
>lonely and wet in the pacific northwest

| >>785975 lmao

| >>785604 before having sex with them, I'd wash them throughout for over a hour in a hot bath. Then just let 'em do as they please. I can't get pregnant either way.

| >ywn be dick slapped to near death by an orc futa 3 times your size

why even live?

| They're disgusting to me. Sorry.

| >>786333 don't be racist /s
I understand, but maybe you are thinking of bad and ugly examples of orcs, because if you search handsome, wholesome and sexy orcs, you're gonna find them really easy

| rape

| >>786431 when you say Orcs my mind goes to Skyrim and Warcraft Orcs.

| >>786648 but... Have you really seen skyrim orcs? Because they are pretty hot.

And even more with mods and bodyslide :)

| >>786654 Yes I've seen Skyrim Orcs and they're ugly imo Actually everyone in Skyrim is fug. Not just Orcs, but humans, Khajits, all the Elves, Argonians etc.

| >>786711 you clearly don't use mods bro. But ok.

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