Why do soft cocks look good?

| I mean like fr, soft cocks just look hot, like i wanna tug them and put them on my mouth so they can get hard

| There's something about the anticipation of being pounded and creamed that's embodied by the sight of a smooth, soft cock.

| You just horny

| >>785263 fuck that's a perfect way to put it
>>785324 true

| Yeah ikr ? Touching to a soft cock slowly, kissing it only for it to become big and hard and leaking precum

Absolutely beautiful

| >>785363 and when it leaks precum, leave it all alone to get blue balls

| >>785467 Imagine making out with a dude for three hours and then just leaving. Just imagine.

| >>785479 looool, me 100%

| >>785479 LMAO, oh I can imagine that alright lolol totally haven't done that before

| RIP the guys you left dangling.

| >>785467 nah I'm licking it. It's a hella hot to see a cock leaking precum.

| >>785728 TRUE

| >>785728 X2

| It really is all about that anticipation, and even if it looks small while soft you may even get the surprise of finding they are a grower or really know how to use that piece of meat, I personally love getting it hard by licking and sucking because as soon as I taste the precum I'm so goddamn ready to go

| I love to rub my nose on it first to get it hard. You know like rub it all over my face while smelling it.

| >>786643 hopefully the guy took a shower before and has overall good hygiène..

| >>786899

| >>786902 ?

| Because you're a fag lmao.

| >>786899 what is even the point of smelling a dick if it just smells like soap

| >>787371 I am sexually attracted to soap.

| >>787371 is that a motherfucking Seinfeld reference?

| >>787371 the point is to not gag in front of the guy because his dick smells fucking foul brother

| >>786899 Honestly, I like the smell of a dick after the guy has had a long day, it's the natural musk that gets to me. But I hate the smell if they haven't showered in days.

| >>787446 no

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