Sexuality survey

| A small survey for absolutely no reason:

How would you rate your own sexuality on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being strictly hetero and 10 being strictly homo? 2-9 are inbetween and more to one side or the other

| 1

| 4-5. I like g/u/rls, but actually im a crossdresser, so sometimes i want get fucked in my ass by huge 19 cm cock <3

| 0

| I lesbian

| 4

| 1 if pegging is not gay 4 if pegging is gay

| 3 but I don't like pegging, and I like traps/femboys

| solid 5

| 9 for sure

| I just don't like guys all that much since it's an ultra specific niche for me

| 1, girls are hot. If I was a girl it'd be a 10

| >>784879 1 "^^ but tomboys are~ and i'm sub xd

| A good 6.5
I can't help you, mine's 21cm.

| >>784921 based xd

| If gayness is a scale from 1 to 9, where 1 is "would go gay for a celebrity" and 9 was "only thinks about stuff that's gay..." I'd be a lesbillion.

| 5, if you insisted. I don't really consider gender a criterion for whether I want to have sex with someone.

| >>784946

Also "would go gay for a celebrity" is a 2 at the very least

| 8. Technically into anyone, but like >>784921 mentioned, girls are hot

| If we're just talking about sex, I'm around a 3, but emotionally/romantically I'm more like a 6 or 7.

| 2 so if they pass as what i want

| 1

| All around a good 7-8, but damn femboi, androgynous and submissive guys just do it for me lololol

| >>785048 uwu

| 2~3, i mean i'm almost 100% into girls, but i'd probably fuck a very effeminate femboy

| 2

| 1

| 5 i am the avatar of cock bending

| √-1

| >785258
For years the cockvatar was imprisoned in within the confines of morality but my brother and I experimented a bit and found the new cockvatar named >>55f7fb. He takes cock and cunt in all shapes and sizes but still has a lot to learn before he can take bbc and reach enlightenment.

I'm a 3 btw.

| >>785354 sounds like the beginning of a series....hope you reach the promised land, homie xD

| 3

| 2

| 4

| I'm bisexual. So 8? Not sure. I like both dicks and vaginas. Sometimes at the same time (yes I'm sexually active and super horny).

| >>785729 Based and valid

| Hmmm when i was younger i frotted with a boy and tested stuff out.. But id say around 80 hetero/ 20 burg. Depends on if im single and down to do some questionables

| 2.
I make exceptions for the one I love.

| >>785749

| >>785996 Your CRC checks out, g/u/rl.

| My post number

| Around a 7

| Hmmm well i boned a FTM dood so idk where i fall in

| I'm 1, anything that makes my dick hard is a girl

| wait is that how it works?

| >>786338 Based.

| 2

| 5, because if that shit hot I want in, no matter if it implies getting pounded or get pounding

| 7 or 8, a pretty enough boy is close enough to girl for me. But I'm also not really sexual. Sex stinks I just wanna make out all night

| >>786482 heyyy that's relatable!

| >>786526 lets make out then~

| 2

| Full 5. Im pan as fuck dudes and chicks are hella hot and i want to fuck and be fucked by both (preferably at the same time)

| Pan is just Bi for snowflakes.

| I'd say 9 I mean guys are cute sometimes but ehh

| >>787356 didn't thought I'd see the day a bi called a pan a "snowflake"

| About a 3. I like femininity, and tiddies, but I really don't care what's in your pants.

| 5
Gender and shit just never mattered to me. If you cute, you cute. If you can dominate me, please dominate me.

| >>787430 Come here pet, please your master.

| >>787486
I would love to~

| >>4d08c1
Clearly 1. Im straight so whatever makes my dick hard is a woman.

| >>787494 Come here you fking little cum dump. You're nothing but a toy to be used at my pleasure.

| >>787618
As you wish master~

| 2 or 3 at most.

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