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Why do a lot of Americans are circumcised??

| I don't get it! Lol

| For a while (like late 1800s-early 1900s) a lot of people did it because they believed masturbation was a big problem and circumcision made it harder to do, and then it just sort of got normalized.

Corn flakes and Graham crackers were also originally designed to prevent masturbation (well, and other percieved problems) by being bland, but that was obviously even flimsier than the circumcision thing

| Religious reasons, and sometimes sexual health. Its just a cultural thing.

| It's ritual mutilation done by and for the largest and most influential cult to ever exist. The kind of shit people should be freaking out over.

| >>784263 imagine how fucked up the puritans had to be to have other people's genitals live in their heads rent-free for centuries on end
just imagine

| >>784286
See: jews

| >>784312 outside of like new york they had like no cultural presence - it was something very familiar to us today... a Christian and alternative-medicine practice that reacted against issues they had with medicine by rejecting medicine and adopting harmful purity practices instead

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This thread is permanently archived