one step closer to fucking my cousin

| but we need more privacy, damn, we almost never got it ;~;

| Uhh...

| I'm surprised by how prominent cousin marrying is all over the countryside in poorer areas. Not just Alabama.

| Good luck next time! we believe in you!


| >>784101 They've grown on me, and now I want to fuck my sister.
/d/ is a dangerous place indeed.

| Are people really that eager to fuck their relatives...?

| >>784224 with the amount of times it happens. I am sure there is both the aspect of taboo and a mild natural influence not to fuck you relatives. Though at some point sexuality overides that and taboo can make things more exiting than if it was acceptable. Atleast it isn't as bad as the icecream......

| >>784101 This place being relatively anonymous, many degenerates find a home here.

| >>784237 wait what is wrong with the icecream?

| >>784302 don't tell me you would engage in sexual intercouse with an icecream

| >>784307 Have you tried? The texture is exquisite.

| Well, I guess that depends on the ice cream. If you wanted to stick it into a tub of Neapolitan straight out of the freezer, it'd likely be harder than you are.

| >>784237 If it's supposed to be so bad, why does it feel so good~

| sweet home alabama

| Why not literally rent a room? That's what they are for.

| Jesus you American people..

| I think i saw someone who i'm quite sure is my distant cousin in an ad doing a "seductive" pose half naked

| Love me these threads even if I don't wanna fuck my sister's specifically

Guess if I wanna join in the fun I should start looking over my family tree

| How can you even feel attracted to a relative? Just the idea makes me want to puke.

| >>785401 it's relative

| Ah, shit here we again g/u/rls
The classic danger/u/ combo ice cream and cousin fucking.

| >>784302 >>784307 >>784308 >>784309
Thankfully all of you are so innocent as to what I am referencing. I don't want to go into details just that a g/u/rl added a ""special"" ingredient to her sisters ice cream.

| >>785621 that was a great series of threads.

| >>785621 That's brilliant, I need to do that myself~

| >>785401 get this, I've slept with my distant cousin. And we're both guys, he's gay and I'm bi. Ha! Like fr, we're distant cousins so not like it's super incestuous and we were both horny so we just did it.

| >>785730 Ok, that is disgusting.

| >>785730 Hot

| >>785730 at least there is no possibility of inbred babies in this situation

| >>785812 tbh the only really fucked up thing about incest is inbred babies besides that there's nothing really wrong with it

| >>785835 maybe when talking about one generation, parent/kid incest still feels wrong

| >>785873 Yeah ig if you're a kid who can't live anywhere but with your parents you can't say no.

| >>785730 non-hetero incest is not incest. Go for it

| >>785917 It is, and it is just as disgusting.

| >>785934 it's not, fuck you

| >>785934 There's nothing wrong with incest. Fuck your dad right now, you coward.

| >>785989 Fun for the whole family am I right?

| All of you should seek professional help, really, shit like that is not normal or healthy.

| >>785989 Sorry, I'm straight and even if I wasn't, I would still find that to be gross beyond statement.

| >>785991 No you are wrong, I mean humor is subjective so I know some are having a good laugh with this thread,specially with jokes and irony etc. But the guy who shared the cousin fucking thing felt serious to me, so I'm sharing my thoughts for real on the matter, I really think it is fucked up.

| >>786014 okay, let's get serious, why do you think it's fucked up?

| >>786018 Really? It should be obvious. You don't love your mom as you love your GF, they have different meanings in your live, and there are different types of love, each should fill one type, also if you were to have kids, well we all know about inbreads. "Ah but it is homosexual" same applies really, different people, different relationships, it's psychologicaly messed up to say the least.

| >>786063 doesn't really explain why is it wrong besides inbreds. No harm done and everyone is happy, why is it wrong?

| >>786063
>my idea of relationships is the only real idea of relationships and everyone else is fucked in the head
Unbelievably based.

| >>786069
Why do you talk like that?

Don't normalise incest or incel behaviour, g/u/rl. It's bad for everyone.

| >>786071 I learned English from imageboards, which has lent itself to me having the worst speech patterns known to man.
I'm both aware of it and not sure of how I *should* talk, so I default to doing nothing.

| >>786071 why?

| >>786067 Same logic applies, your relationship to your father, it's a different one from your BF, psychological base between them differ, you expect different things from them, and despite the fact you can't reproduce you can still adopt, and you don't look for your father as a partner to constitute a relationship, and honestly how can you be attracted in that sense to your own genes? Would you have sex with yourself?

| >>786069 Hahahahahahahaha! Dude, for serious "my idea"? Go to a public forum and show that """argument""" and see what happens

| >>786076 Yes, and it used to be true that the Earth is the center of the universe, all you needed to do is to go to a public forum and see what happens~

| >>786077 Of course dude! That example is perfect cuz, one thing has surely everything to do with the other, your logic is 100% sound ????????????

| >>786079 Yes.

| >>786075 I would totally have sex with myself

| >>786075 and what about Foster-Incest? If there are not blood nor genes related, then why it would be wrong?

| >>786075 Also, I think a person that likes the concept of incest, don't automathically likes their mom/father/sister/brother.
Not all people that like incest would see their family as romantic partners.
Oh! And what about that between siblings for example, they bonded their relationship with incestous behaviour, so they enjoy each other sexually? I think that to an extent, it's a probably natural situation for the human species across its history, don't you think?

| >>786089 I mean I'll admit myself that there's an issue with power dynamics when you've got a parental relationship going on? But this is wildly out of scope here. Most cases of incest are siblings or cousins fucking, which is roughly equal. And that, my friends, is a fully kosher affair of two consenting individuals wanting to participate in a sexual relationship, and nobody from court to the gods can ever interfere in such a thing.

| >>786090 No I don't, and to call those examples twisted notions of relationships would be an understatement. What kind of effects you expect that an incest relationship causes to a person? To their mind? How is that healthy? If you compare it to whatever the flying figgery fuck type of relationship out there, seeing how relationships of all kinds all built, how can you act like it is normal? And honestly " a person that likes the concept of incest"?

| >>786090 Sound like a fucked up kink, how can anyone like the concept of a mother/father fucking their sons/daughter or brothers/systers fucking each other? What is not disgusting or not normal/natural about it in every single fucking possible about it?

| haha you losers sound like redditors. who the fuck cares if its hot stay a while if its not go chillax in another thread. this is a toy chatboard and in a magic box im not sure im real so i damn sure none of you are because how could you live in such a small space none of this matters the world is dying and so am i and gggooooood morning Saigon!

| >>786012 no. For on I know it was wrong but I just didn't care.

>>785812 lmao true.

| >>786102 idk u tell me

| 4 real all arguments turn out like

>Nooooooo would you really fuck your own bro???!


| What the fuck did I come back to. Anyway, incest good, promotes healthy positive relationships. As opposed to something really fucked up, like calling your parents by their first name

| >>786151 Believe whatever the fuck you want, really, if you think family is for fucking, that there is no such thing as different types of love, well you can also go ahead and fuck your dog/cat too, I mean, all love is the same, right? But yeah dude, you are really keeping up with tons of hot takes, you can keep up lying to yourself if that makes you feel better.

| >>786142 Well, you know it is wrong, I guess there is nothing else for me to say in here on that regard.

| >>beee98 be a incest too and go fuck yourself

| >>786205 Someone is triggered hahahahahaha

| >>beee98 All we saying is if everyone involved knows what they're getting into it ain't your place to start moralfagging, the pope isn't going to fuck you just take an L q/u/een

| Gottem

| Gottem

| >>786211 Not really what happened and all, but believe what you want. I could get angry and call you a motherfucker, but I fear that might be more of an description than an offense really. Take care and be well.

| >>beee98 alright homie take care as well

| What the fuck even happened with OP, I thought the fucking 40+ replies notification was because OP actually fucked with their cousin and y'all discussing with people on the FUCKING INTERNET, no one's going to hear each other fuckers, you ain't making someone change their mind and unless pref or the mods forbid these Incest threads they're going to keep going, so let's at least watch Rome burn at fucking peace

| Also, please update us OP, did ya score or did ya get busted? Either way that will be a juicy update

| ^^^

| OP already made a sequel thread saying he fed his cum to his cousin. To read it>>786461

| >>786644 That's a different OP, I'm afraid.

| >>786644 yep, different OP

im the OP of this thread tho

since we live in different cities we're pretty far away atm, so that's why i didn't update

| but next time we see there is a high probability that we manage to do something interesting, I'll keep every degenerate on /d/ updated, if something happens of course


| >>786197 >go ahead and fuck your dog/cat too, I mean, all love is the same, right?

Pets can't consent you absolute moron. People can

| >>786725 Thank you for the food g/u/rl

| >>786851 you think he will listen to reason? He is a lost cause, fucking dinosaur

| >>786857 If not being a literal motherfucker is being a dinosaur, you can call me T fucking rex, you guys trying to excuse the unexcusable is pathetic really, makes me cringe and laught, and I am fucking far from being a conservative or some shit.

| >>786851 Yeah pal, keep it up with the scarecrow, I mean, the context of what I clearly meant is ignored but whatever, y'all can keep lying to yourselfs pretending this is good, natural or healthy or whatever. Some other person said something about " if the other person knows what they are into don't moralfag" or some shit, someone could use that as an excuse to, I don't know, eat shit, kill their parents or whatever fuck they want really.

| Oedipus mom Jocasta killed herself once she found out the truth, Oedipus himself after finding out the truth blinds himself, y'all should read about it.

| Are you saying that we should behave like some greeks that lived almost 2 thousand years ago? >>786868
For them it was shameful, for us, is hot.

| >>786857 true that. I'm just so sick of the fuckin "your love doesn't conform to my worldview so clearly you're on the same level as murderers/rapists/animal fuckers" argument

| >>786869 Not to mention they also had a whole glorified culture around what boils down to just... pedophilia and grooming. I'd argue that's worse lmao

| >>786869 Folks listen to Aristotle to this day.

| >>786870 "My worldview"? Hahahaha it's every sane person worldview pal, but keep the mora relativism as much as you want, you're probably the type that says "It's their culture" whenever someone points out a group doing some grotesque/horrible shit.

| >>786872 Yeah, precisely and even them knew how disgusting incest is, it's like the other day when the Taleban called out facebook for censorship, it's a "give to the devil what is due" sort of thing.

| >>beee98 Get a load of this guy. (¬‿¬ )

| More seriously, moralfags like you hurt society much more than any incest ever could, would you mind politely necking yourself?

| >>786874 you think you are sane?! Pft!

>>786876 lol

| >>786877 I'm far from moralist, but you guys simply fell into bestiality levels, if I had to live with people like you, I would've necked myself eons ago.

| F is for family and for fucking.
I don't get your thing but maybe your cousin is really hot and the idea of fucking your cousin is ethically constrained yet you break those bonds and want to do it anyway.
The idea of it being so wrong makes it even better~

| >>786886 you have to live with us, we aren't going away. So what will it be son?

| >>786852 no problem fellow g/u/rl!

| >>786957 No, I don't fucking know from where you all came from or are from, so no, I don't.

| >>786973 Oh but I know. And I tell you, that we all live together.
Because we all live in the planet Earth!!!

| Imagine kink-shaming this hard on /d/

| >>787118 imagine thinking someone gives a fuck about someone else's opinion
specifically talking about >>beee98 the madlad got a pretty nice cute bee as ID and wastes it on stuff no one really cares about

| Imagine triggering folks this much hahahahaha. And yeah I am 100% madlad.

| >>824c9b >>12584c Don't worry y'all beee happy.

| Can we actually get back to fucking instead of fucking around?

| Good luck OP!

| Good luck OP!

| Good luck OP!

| >>beee98 bzzzzz, damn i love bees

| >>787151 >>787152 >>787154
thanks! I'll update if something interesting happens


| >>787168 your mom is a bee

| >>787178 Yours is a cow.

| bees are more important than cows

checkmate atheist

| Bees are more important than >>beee98

| >>787207 and everyone is more important than you, ha! Where is your god now!?

| >>787222 Here. I'm their God. Now shut up.

| >>787226 Make me, I'm atheist.

| I'm so surprised that I'd rather hear more about OP's frankly fucked up incest updates than these internet arguments.

Really says something about how petty these arguments are.

| >>787240 Nah, I'm not gonna try, I'm an agnostic actually.

| >>787241 me too

| People really come to /d/ thinking they can change the /d/egenerates in here, huh?

| >>787261 exactly! I don't get the reason to moralfag here on /d/

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