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I admit, I have had sex with my mother.

| Hey y'all. I need to share this with others but I feel like I can't do it on twitter so dangeru will do. Yes I was here. I like the game and music. But that's besides the point. The point is that I had sex with my mother. We love each other and my love (I'll refer to her as Love) is the most compatible person with me and I am with her. After 8 boyfriends including my late father I was the one and only who could make her climax for the first time in her long life.

| I admit that she's old but hot so who cares about age? For the first time in her life she had an orgasm caused by someone else. For years we've been living in our house and yet we didn't realize it until now. But we're happy and I think y'all should see this for yourself with your lovely families. But I digress. Best regards to all of you! ⚡????⚡

| ⚡♡⚡

| On a side note twitter supports blue heart so you should take lessons too! At least my ID is blue too

| Chris on dangeru, holy fuck

| >>775366 DO NOT SAY MY NAME

| Incest?! :0

| I love sex.

| If this is real.. No this can't be, but good effort

| Nice b8

| What a terrible day to have eyes.

| >>775541 indeed.

| >>775541
Say what you will about Oedipus, at least when he realized he had fucked his mother, he gouged his own eyes out as penance.

Get gouging, OP

| Pics?

| Fake and gay

| Jesus Christ on a bike

| Nice story

| take that low quality bait to r/inbreeding

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