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Lilim stuck to my dick.

| It feels like she has a malfunction or something. I hired a hooker for emptying my sack, and she only did one stroke and then wrapped her tongue around my rod and just kept it warm and soaked for a hour now!

In that time, I came thrice and I feel exhaused. I can't push her back. It feels like she will make me cum even more and faster, as I can't hold iy in-


| Lilims have feelings too you know.
Three times and you are already feeling exhausted? It appears that you are the one that is malfunctioning or something.
Well, what is disposable is also replaceable. I am sure any other Lilim can find another longer lasting test subject that will endure more than a couple hours.
*scribbles something down onto a writing board*
Now, bring in our new test subject #371. And toss out #370 to the room Zeus Omega.

| I love sex.

| cute


| Tf are lilims

| >>774599 >your free trial of danger/u/ has expired, purchase a copy of "Va-11 Hall-A cyberpunk bartending action" to continue<

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This thread is permanently archived