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I wanna ride on a dick!

| (I'm male)
Yesterday, because I was bored with 'just' masturbating, decided to try out anal stimulation for the first time. For that, I used a glass vial (the width of a finger and long enough to use as a dildo), and I sat things up on a pillow, so it can remain kind of upright and leave my two hands free for stabilising/ stroking myself.

It felt kinda weird at first, but it began feeling so good, and I moaned.

| ...Since then, I've been getting thoughts of getting fucked in the ass, and I don't know anymore

| Yeah, riding a good dick is a wonderful experience. Don't ever stick anything made of glass up your butt, though! What if it were to break?

| >>774451 it's even a classic mistake at this point

| Hey lemme do you OP

| I love sex.

| 1 man 1 jar

| Damn, you were really gambling with your life doing that shit. I feel compelled to bum you for your own safety.

| I think one of the biggest disappointments of my life was when I lost my virginity riding a dick and learned that you can't actually feel anything when a man cums inside you. Every doujin I've ever read lied to me.

Anyway, I'd highly recommend OP and anyone in his position invest in a good, solid dildo. The weight and texture is far, far better than any improvised sex toy you'll find. Make sure to get one with a suction cup for hands-free fun!

| Where from OP

| Some amusment parks are still closed down due to covid, but once I reopen I will allow everyone to start riding my dick again.

| OP here, and I think I'm positively gay at this point.
Like, the kinda ' I want to wear a maid outfit and pounded' kinda gay.

| >>774731 I'll gladly help you with that~

| W h e r e

| >>774731 the monent you posted here, you are already gay

| I love cock

| I am so desperate for gay sex rn.


| >>774532 There is always piss if you're desperate to feel something in you

| >>774731 Good for you OP. But have you also considered getting pegged by a girl?

Maybe have a bi threesome with a guy and girl spitroasting you

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This thread is permanently archived