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Tips for making out?

| I haven't had a boyfriend in 4 years and now that I do, I really dont want our make out sessions to be awkward. We live LDR so i want to study up before we meet. Do you g/u/rls have tips on what to do to make it pleasurable for a guy?

Also!! If you just have tips in general like pleasure points that isn't stimulated very much be it while kissing, sex or in general that i should do on him then pls lmk!!

I want to learn!!
I'm very out of practice!!

| I'd be free if you want some hands on practice! :D

| >>773976 when kissing, personally i tend to enjoy a lot when they caress my neck, or hug me

and i enjoy it in a more sexual way if the start on the shoulder/chest and slowly start kissing up, also I'm sensible on the ears, then, at the end kiss the lips, unless you want to go down there

| I love sex.

| >>774077 o-only if you don't judge me!!

| >>774078 ooo very sensual. I haven't thought of starting things that way and it seems like an amazing way to go! I better write that down

| >>774108 I could also answer some questions if you have some, or give more tips regarding what I said

| >>774313 please give more tips!! this is.. this is actually very helpful! haha i literally don't have guy friends nor am i comfy to ask this to anyone i know irl!!

| >>774423 other things besides kissing are always good, things like hugging, caressing them, or even holding hands, b-but that is lewd

| >>774511 o-oh my!! Handholding? T-that seems a little bit too much>\\\\<

| >>774517 it's even better if you tell someone that they have something on their hands, when they let you grab their hand, just pull it and kiss them, unexpected and a very sweet thing to do

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This thread is permanently archived