Trade offer: I get earrings, you get obedient slut.

| Jk. Kys.

| Counter offer:
You simp for me, I simp for you.

It's a win-win trade.

| >>773202 i agree with this, though the initial offer sounds pretty good

| >>773267 then kys

| Counter-offer: you will step on me... You will get.. wait i'm nothing

| >>773285 i lack a firearm to do it.

| >>773634 starve to death

| >>773634
die from happiness you bitch

| >>773787 not acceptable according to my standards.

| >>773797 i whish i could, but how do one even dies from happiness?

| Say, is the deal still up or am I too late?

| >>774243
It's not too late, just simp for me and I'll simp for you. It's as easy as that!

| I'll give you a mirror and a picture of a real whore so you can see the reality and reassess this demented world in your head.

| >>774319 wholesome

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