clean shaven or natural?

| which do u g/u/rls prefer?

| I think both can look nice, it really depends on the style the person in question is going for.
Though in the end, my kinks lay more towards full-body latex, so it doesn't matter too much what kind of grooming situation is going on under the rubber.

| Swing low sweet chariots

| >>772459 what about.. nothing? no style at all. just letting that bush grow as it does like a normal human being

| Mhh. Well, with others I don't really mind either way! As long as they're all healthy and cleanly then it doesn't matter. I find both to have different charms!
But, personally I shave myself. It just makes me feel better.

| Shave the beard, shave the armpits (or not), shave the belly, shave the underbelly (or not), shave the genitalia (or not)

| I prefer my nose nostrils to be natural.

| >>772495 Honestly, hygiene is probably more important than if a person shaves or not. I personally don't shave since I get awful ingrowns when I actually try to get a nice close baby smooth shave which is the only way I want it. Though after some research it might have just been me using cheap consumerist shit which has lead to all of my shaving problems so maybe in the future I will shave again.

| >>772495 shaving makes me feel better too. It just appears and feels cleaner imo! But it's such a tedious task sometimes, especially if you're doing the downstairs department.

| >>772531 i have the same issue too! However, i just hate that it takes so long to shave and then you already see something growing the next day. Then yhe stubble phase start happening and it becomes uncomfortable aaa

| Being clean shaven feels great. It is a bit bothersome to maintain but I love that feeling when I'm all smooth.

| P.S. and I think it looks cuter too!

| I love looking natural imo or at the very least trimmed

| >>772482
Natural is a style

| >>772666 natural only looks good for those with few hairs and not of a jungle ughg

| >>772531 use creams, they're pretty nice

| >>772610
Yeah! Clean shaven feels amazing, especially on the balls. It really makes them more sensitive to good stimuli, you know?

If you don't like the look of shaven genitals then a short cut, or for women a short cut or a landing strip can be pretty nice. But as a male the balls should be silky smooth(unless you mind the sweat since that's what the bush is for, to clear out sweat.).

| Shaved clean

| >>772861 Fair enough I suppose!

| Id rather be clean but I prefer if my bf lets some hair cuz when he fucks me, it rubs against my clit

| I'm a big hairy guy, and I like being a big hairy guy. As for what I like; hairy girls, perfectly smooth girls, and everything in between can look nice. As long as you're making the choice of how you groom for yourself and not going one way or another because you feel pressured to you're gucci.

| >>772970 Im a thin hairy guy

| >>772970 aww that's actually nice! I've always been insecure of being hairy down there because of how porn makes it out to be. I honestly feel like a monster

| Tips on shaving balls and ass?

| >>773008
Have your partner do it. Otherwise, get a hair removal cream.

| I love sex

| I shave myself everywhere I can

| >>773084
I don't think hair removal creams on the balls are safe, are they?

| >>ad7aa8 I have heared it is but it burns like hell from somebody who has done that.

| >>773008 Idk anything about balls but you can sort of squat down and be very gentle and thorough with shaving cream as far as ass hair goes.

no beard

| I love it natural. Shaved pussies always make me feel like a pedocriminal.

| >>773289
Ofc. the same would count for shaved dicks/balls if this was my thing. It just looks too immature for me.

| why has shaved pussies become the norm? i guess it's better to look at at porn but it seems toxic

| >>773312 I guess that makes sense to consider tbh. Porn has a lot to do with people's body image as well as other things that have influenced it. Since I am not a stereotypical girl in terms of my interests and body goals it gets to me sometimes.

| I like smooth guys and hairy pussy.

| >>773326 ah it gets to me sometimes too. I have big body dysmorphia because guys also have expectations that g/u/rls should look llike what they see on porn oof

| Yeah, porn-based expectations are a huge pain. As a straight man I'm apparently expected to be baby-smooth because only gay men are allowed to be large and hairy?
I'm comfortable being hairy but apparently I don't conform to all facets of the stereotype and that makes me weird according to some people I've chatted with. I dunno.

| >>773379 Sameee. It's really unhealthy but I've been dealing with it forever. I even beat myself up about it constantly even though my partner loves me with all their heart.

>773381 Aww well just try and be yourself but I do get that like, I dont even care for it for relationship reasons I just get the feeling others deeply judge me

| >>773381 idk?? all the men i've dated has their hair and doesn't shave at all. Of course, personally, i don't really care about body hair because it's normal. but it sucks if you also live with these standards g/u/rl. didn't know guys have 'em too.

>>773401 igwym!! I also deeply feel like my SO would still judge me because i don't look like the ones in videos. not to mention darker skin on intimate areas. oof it makes me soo insecure! it's rough

| >>773471 Aww I'm so sorry to hear that;_;

You're beautiful just the way you are and I'm sure anyone would be lucky to be with you! For me it's like, I already have a stocky build to begin with but as a female powerlifter it doesn't really help my case. I like being muscular and working toward my goals but I put myself down over the smallest things and I feel others think I'm strange or something.

| >>773008 ez pz. You'll either want an electric razor that caresses your skin like [insert name of politician or rich person you don't like] caresses children, or a quality safety razor. Grab a handheld mirror, and prop it up against something. After a shower (make sure you're clean everywhere), lay on your back, head propped up by something, butt facing mirror, legs by your head (think mating press - you're the bottom, the razor is the top).

| Now carefully start working your way around your bum. Watch out for that darkish ring around your butthole. The skin there is very sensitive, and if you do... really anything with it, you're going to have a bad time. Consider trimming that area with scissors instead. For the balls, I recommend an electric razor. Raise it ever so slightly off the surface. It's probably going to hurt for the first bit, but you can take it big g/u/rl.

- Another spot to watch out for that most people don't think about is the bikini line. Where straps would go if you were to wear a bikini. The skin is tender all along there, so watch out!
- If you're pretty overgrown everywhere, you'll want to use the clipper/comb attachment to clear out some of the bushes first, and then go in for the closer shave afterwards.
- Have some really good skin cream ready for after your shave. Your skin will need it!

| - If it's your first time, after a few days it's going to be itchy as hell everywhere from all the tiny hairs growing back. You might even walk funny due to how itchy it can get. Deal with it.
- If it's your first time, you might fall victim to swamp ass. Turns out, you're supposed to have hair down there to regulate moisture or something. I recommend baby powder. Spurtz some of that in your bum and other areas during your morning and evening routines.
- Have fun! :D

You might want to look into depilatory creams. The most famous of these is Nair, but it tends to give depilatory creams a bad rap. Not all of them burn like the pits of hell. I've used Magic Shaving Powder in the past, and I barely felt any irritation, especially after using a good moisturizer. If you're looking to shave large swaths of hair (legs/chest), consider looking for spray on foam depilatories. Always read the reviews! And don't trust people with affiliate links.

- No matter which cream you get, if *any* amount touches that sensitive butthole ring we talked about earlier, you are going to flail about and won't be able to sit for days.
- Also avoid the private areas. Stock with a razor for them.
- Spray on foams will go a lot faster than powders you have to mix and apply yourself, but are generally more expensive.
- ALWAYS test whatever you're using on a small patch of skin first.
- Search "hair removal spray" to find them.

| >>773542
dude that's detailed and very helpful. g/u/rls really do support g/u/rls

>>773503 heyy i think that's awesome and admirable! you're in no ways strange!! but the dysmorphia is real when the norm is like a skinny curvy girl with big tits and ass. it hits all of us. I hope you know that you're also beautiful as is!!!

| >>773657 Awww thank you so much!! T~T

Yeah for real though, I dont have the biggest breasts but am told my butt is nice cause of how much I work out. Even then, my hips are really narrow and I just wish I could have hit the genetic lottery there tbh.

| >>773739 atleast you have a part of you that you can be proud about!! Tbh im just very average but i think you should be proud to show off the beauty of your hardwork!! Your efforts and gainz require a lot of discipline and focus and that's much more admirable that you worked for it than someone just being born with having great proportions.

The mold isn't for everyone!!

| >>774005 That honestly really means a lot to me, I guess I never really looked at it that way! I have been working with therapists for a while to try and work through issues such as my lack of ability to see my own progress in general but you are right! I should put more stock in the effort it took to get here <3

| I dont think i prefer a guy shaven completely clean. But not a jungle too. I mean if i really love him i dont mind some hair here and there. It can be kinda attractive too. Exspecially on the chest.

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