post-cum depression

| i masturbated for the first time in MONTHS today and it felt good for a couple of seconds but now i want to kill myself


| yeah me too except it wasn't a month

| Well you can sleep and hope that it will vanish. This or sport.

| >>772324 damn so the solution is to just powering through? what the fuuck? how can you g/u/rls do this daily? it's depressing.

| I love sex.

| I've had post nut shame but never post nut depression... Is that a thing only if you have a dick?

| >>772385 OP here! I have a coochie. I think it goes both ways. I wasn't really ashamed of what I did. All i feel is deep loneliness and emptiness after.

| >>772335 i also love sex. Fapping just don't cut it

| I figured that was the norm lol but there are some things you can try.

Try and put some effort into finding out what you enjoy. Along with some prep and maybe some toys it can be really gratifying, even going into the next day!

Also edging! It was a little laborious but i managed for an hour and i have to tell you it approaches a religious experience.

It won't fix the hole in your heart of sexual affirmation from humans but it'll tide you over for a good while.

Treat yo self.

| >>772392 that's sad if that's the norm. I've been out of the fapping game for so long and g/u/rls i know just hype it up like it's so great but i don't think this area's something that's commonly talked about.

edging do sound appealing but i'm not sure if i have enough discipline but i'll try next time if the urges happen. :) Do you just never let yourself finish? ever?

| This is a real problem for me tbh.
I'll get so caught up in the horny-ness that I waste a bunch of time browsing porn and edging, and then as soon as I finish I'm immediately struck by how many more productive things I could have been doing in the time I just spent fulfilling a shallow addiction to fleeting pleasure.
It leads to lots of being disappointed with myself.

| >>3a8357 oh you do, but the build up is such that it makes the orgasm 5x better. Way better then the shotgun blast before bed to get sleep when restless.

You develop a new appreciation for it and I end up doing less in my experience.

| >>772461 oh my god thank you!! Glad to know i'm not a freak. I get the same feeling! Mostly there's also an addition of "i wish i just didn't do this so that it's actually worth it the next time i can finally do it. I was worried that maybe my libido is just dead but you g/u/rls help me see otherwise :)

>>772474 ah that's fair. I expected that the build up WOULD'VE been great if I haven't done it for months but i just got depressed lol i wasn't even sure if i finished. That's how sad it was.

I really like how it helped you appreciate it more though. I think sexual acts are amazing and is better when it's done occasionally in a special way rather than exploited for the quick rush. (:

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