| There is nothing cooler than buying a hamster and shoving it up your ass. To do this, you will need the following tools at hand:

- one bottle of KeyWai (warming lubricant);

..- one roll of scotch tape;

- one small to medium-sized hamster;

- one bottle of Detol (alcohol-based disinfectant).

| The first step is to buy your own hamster. ..try to choose the most energetic, you will understand the meaning of this later. When you bring your hamster home, trim its claws.

| Then pour Detol into a bowl of water to kill all bacteria on the animal's fur and skin. ..try not to get the solution on the hamster's face, you don't want to kill him ahead of time! Carefully wipe the muzzle with a cotton swab and alcohol. Wash and dry the animal, then apply a thick layer of lubricant all over its body. ..

| Make sure you have the tape on hand before proceeding with the next steps. Put scissors next to it and unwind the end of the tape a little, because you will have to perform further actions with it with one hand.

| Now take the hamster and gently insert it into your anus with its muzzle out. This way he won't suffocate too early. With your free hand, push the entrance to the anus and help push the hamster inward. ..Once the hamster is completely inside you, place your index finger on the hamster's forehead and push it a little deeper.

| Now with your free hand, quickly tape your ass with tape. ..try, as soon as you seal the anus, wrap the tape around the waist crosswise and again between the legs, so it will hold better.

| Now the fun begins. ..the hamster begins to fight for his life, wriggle and slide inside you, but since the exit from the cage called your ass is sealed with tape, he naturally cannot get out. ..his movements in the rectum will bring you so much pleasure that in those few minutes while he is alive, you can cum at least twice! ..hamsters usually stay alive for five to seven minutes and, in combination with a warming lubricant, these minutes seem simply indescribable!

| If you stop feeling movement inside, then the hamster is over. ..peel off the tape, take the dead animal out of the ass, wrap it in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash

| This is of course revolting and animal cruelty. But i feel so desensitized from the internet and the farming industry that i just don't care.

Also I don't believe you, hamsters have teeth. Good effort, but you'll have to enjoy rectal bleeding another time.

| Yeah, and that's the case, you do it to give yourself a rectal bleeding and all the other beautiful stuff which goes with it. Like gnawing of the large intestine and stuff

| >>772117 >>772141
This is why you knock the hamster's teeth out and cut off his claws. You can buy a short haired hamster for 14.99 at petsmart. Compare that with buying any dildo and you will find a 2x cheaper alternative which does sound more exotic and enticing. You can also buy mice for $7.79 / unit if you're on the cheaper side, although I'd bet that the more affordable option would also provide less pleasure. All around an arousing idea, thank you OP for this little tutorial.

| There's always something fucked up waiting at /d/, isn't there?

Thanks for making my night OP, this is so fucked up and unreal that I have nothing else to do but laugh, thanks

| I thought that incest is the most shocking content here, but today i found this

My eyes ;-;

| Just go to prison and get raped in the ass, dude.

| Instructions unclear, got swallowed by a python while feeding my little sister homemade ice cream

| >>15c462 you're welcome)

| Fuck it, I'm ordering. YOLO

| Just wonderinf, how did you find this extremely specific set of instruction OP, trial and error?

How do people even think of these things? I am very intrigued but also extremely concerned.

| I will blow the 7th trumpet of Gabriel and bring about the end of an age and the beginning of the rapture. If you do not cease for 5 seconds OP.

| Selling Hamsters, DM ME.

| Selling Snake, feel free to DM..

| The only joy this brings me is kmowing the few retards who will try this will die a slow and painful death of infections and internal damage. Or even worse, will live all their life with those.

| >>772695 do you want snake?

| >>772714 keep your snake in your pants

| >>772695 see>>772172


| >>772743 i'm not in this kink, i just opened store with sexual animals.. you know, i love ancap

| >>772766 I saw it and it doesn't change what I said. But go on, try.

| Why the fuck am I here? Why the fuck did I click on this thread?

| Don't care about you fags or the animal abuse. What I want to see is the doctor's expression when you told him that there's a dead hamster rotting inside your asshole.

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