Why does semen taste disgusting

| Smells like bleach taste like bleach. Why???

| Go ahead and try bleach again. You might be missing something.

| depends on the diet

| Mine tastes like slime

| Eat grapefruit and fish for taste enhancement! Also filter your tap water. Tap water has bleach in it.

| I once ate semen that tasted like rotten bubblegum.

| Because it is not supposed to be eaten

| >>771702 >>771660 oh is it really true that diet can alter the taste of jizz? Does it work both ways?

| > bleach

> slime

> rotten bubblegum

how do you guys know the taste of all of these things???

| Fun fact did you know female vaginal discard actually can bleach underwear

| >>771804
Interesting anon!

Mine just tastes like pee never met anyone who thinks semen tastes good.

| Actually, semen really depends on who your suckling off, and even then it might not taste good with someone you care about. It took me around 3 months to get used to my buds semen before I could enjoy it.

| >>771782 was it still pretty good tho

| >>771803 im a real g/u/rl so i've given a couple of head before. The tastes varies depending on the person but always has that underlying bleachy taste that i don't like

| >>771829 oof 3 months? Are you a spitter or swallower?

| My man's semen tastes like unclean dick personally

| >>772007 0 bleach taste?

| Stop sucking shitty dicks!
Bad taste of cum = bad diet or disease.
Have some class, girls.

| >>772133 yeah, he doesn't take hygiene very seriously (to my demise) so both his dick and seven taste shit

| >>772255 literally how would we know until he cums! stop the shitty diet, dicks!

>>772321 aaa F for you. you gotta tell em

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