Most women with dogs fuck them.

| I used to think that was just a meme, but I see quite a bit of evidence to the contrary. I am starting to believe most women who own medium to large dogs use them as a sex toy.

| no that's just what Makima simps think

| False. I am man and I fuck my dog.

| >>73ee01 stop it, get some help.

| posting the same exact thread again huh faggot? you got a thing for beastiality maybe?

| >>771506
No, I'm not whoever else made a bestiality thread. I do think women fucking dogs is a startling social phenomena, though.

| Please no. Don't encourage this behaviour .


| Women! *GASP*

| Well...
Where's the evidence? You said you had found a lot of it. Where's the studies?

| I'm not op, but my friend literally just bought a dog dick dildo. she has owned dogs since she was little, but since the bigger ones died, she told me that the smaller ones don't satisfy her. :/ I'm seriously reconsidering our friendship.

| >>772109
Sounds 100% made up tbh. If she told you about fucking her dogs then why bother putting emphatis on her buying a dog dildo.

| >>772109
Get better lies or better friends.

| yeah I meant a loose emphasis on "friend"

| Pretty sure the words you're looking for is "imaginary friend".

| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| I mean common guys this has happened it's just a case of degree.

There are a bunch of horse dick doujins and that one bitch got killed by horse cock. Now if rich women who had companionship with a horse and is willing to die for horse cock then it's not a stretch.

It's not unreasonable to assume that the family dog mounting, which the literature of doujin covers may be based on truth in a widespread truth that people engage with to varying degrees.

| >>772109 I mean interesting dildos are super fun and good but like anyone who would actually even consider fucking an animal needs serious help

| >>772796 link/name of that said doujin lol ?

| >>741dc3 i just remember being annoyed at a well drawn pokemon one that pokedog dick and mc girl

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