How linked are furries and autism?

| I've heard it said in earnest here and there. Something about reducing interactions to simple borks and yiffs.

| They are idiots whos can draw so cool but have no brain.

| I hate them, coz they are really toxic and disgusting community.

| But i love them, coz they have a many art-persones.

| For example artist "KuroBlood". He/She idk but this dude have many cool arts. I like his style and color.

| And last word...


| What if it's the same with every other community? That the small amount of bad people are the most seen?

| and didn't people in the west already fuck goats? So maybe it's not too far away from them anyway

| Isn't anime already linked with autism ? It something else, probably.

| Not only anime although that probably is

| I don't know, I think that furries are pretty normal people. It's just the bad apples that smell the worst and ruin the reputation of the entire group.
But that just happens with every fandom out there.

| I don't get why weebs can't get along with furries. We need to work together as we're excluded from the society!

| >>771368 Yes! Weebs and Furries Unite!

| The good old studies on furries and autism. A classic



| Oh woops sorry technical difficulties

| >>771050 hoo boi, that stuff more aligns with the 'pet play' part of bdsm, I don't think pets and furries are mutually exclusively. But a portion of furries are probably involved in bdsm.

Pet play is about relinquishing control part of it is exactly what you described, where they devolve into rudimentary communication of simple yes/no etc. i.e. animal body language. Through that they get into the head space of being submissive.

I'm no expert, but that's what I understand.

| Step 1: Be born with mental disability
Step 2: Be around people who make fun of you or avoid you due to your condition
Step 3: Instead of finding friends in real life, find friends on the interwebs
Step 4: Be introduced to ideas and art you would never come across in real life
Step 5: You learn to like it and let it grow to be a part of your life

I see this with both furries and weebs, especially the hardcore ones. It's gonna become more and more normal, whether it's good or bad.

| Should specify: Furries and weebs are gonna become more and more normal, so less and less will be from mental disabilities.>>771823

| I-
Okay, so, fuck sake. This genuinely annoys me, because 3 out of 4 furries I've encountered irl are not autistic or anything. Are they "normal"? Obviously not. Most creatives as well as consumers of escapist media are not "normal". That's why you'll find more autistic people in online creative/escapist communities than in sports communities or something, but there is no direct correlation between having autism and being into furries.
Statements like these are so annoying.

| >>771933
Found the triggered autistic furry.

| >>771933
idk dude every furry I've met irl has been a turbo autist
Nothing wrong with that but pretending it's not real won't make it go away

| >>771948
And only one of the ones I've met has been. I'm not pretend like it's not a thing. I literally said that there are more autistic people in communities like that than in other communities. But as I also said, there's no direct correlation. That's the case with gaming as well, but people don't say that there's a direct correlation between having autism and playing video games. They only say that shit when it's something they find weird or dislike. That's what annoys me.

| It's also worth pointing out that real autism and the "turbo autist" internet meme are two completely different things. It's ridicilous to claim that you can spot the autism disorder better than trained professionals, without doing any tests, simply because you've read about it on Internet forums/chats.

| >>771956
Yeah, real shit. Personally I'm very confident in my ability to do that, but that's because I have it myself and therefore have been through tons of tests, talked to multiple proffesionals, read up on both papers from then and other legit sources, know plenty of people who actually have it, etc.
But not even I can always call stuff like that perfectly. So, like, why do people think some 4chan description of what it is makes them able to actually identify autism?

| >>771933 people can their hide autism

| >>771992
What are you on about?
Are you aware of what autism is? Like, what it actually is? Or have you just heard the word on internet forums?

| >>bf338b whats the ratio on that? If i were to wear wolf boy gear it seems pointless to not go the extra mile and go to the logical conclusion.

For real, it's like being a civil war buff with all the costumes and gyns but not going to a reenactment.

| >>772054
I'm pretty sure furryism is inspired by anamorphic cartoon animals and not actual wolves, so it wouldn't be a logical conclusion to bork like a dog instead of talking to eachother.

| >>771999
>>f40261 is kind of right though, autistic people can develop the ability to copy behaviors and social cues of neurotypical people to an extent. It would take conscious effort to follow them, instead of just doing it naturally, but it is possible.

| >>07df3a then why are there dog bowls at furry conventions


| >>772060
Yes, but acting more "normal" does not change you or make it impossible to notice. I am an autistic person who does exactly that, but the only difference is that it's easier for neurotypical people to understand me. I'm still very much autistic. You can't "hide" autism. You can appeal more to neurotypical people, but not hide your autism. There are still many things that are easy for educated people to notice, even if you only appear slightly different to "normal" people.

| >>18db7c to be a little nuanced though, there are people who practice enough to the point where they simply come off as a bit odd in certain circumstances.

But odd in a way most people would be, though it does require a lot of attention and mental effort on their part.

>>f40261 but i disagree with this intent, it shouldn't be something to hide. Simply just a precaution to facilitate conversation with people where important.

| >>772122
Again that's a yes, but also a no. You see, there are more ways to identify autism than how the way they front socially. Stuff like hypersensitivity, obsessing over specific things, having problems with focusing and other stuff like that is a big part of being on the spectrum, and that's not something that goes away by talking a little different. So, like, some neurotypical people might overlook it, but if you know the symptoms well it's still easy to identify.

| Like, I've had people not believe me when I tell them I have it because of how I handle myself social after my whole life of practice, but, how I react to overstimulation, how my brain just turns off at times, my occasional vocal tics, like, if you're aware of those symptoms it's very easy to tell.
But, others might see it differently.

| >>18db7c i suppose it really depends on how severe it is too.

The thing with reaction to stimuli and ticks happen in cases other than spectrum reasons though, which is why some can get away with just seeming a bit odd.

Not to mention people who are poorly socialized young, or just develop tics as comfort or coping mechanisms.

But yeah, if you know what to look for then you can play autism cluedo.

| >>772158
Yeah. That, basically.

| >>771050
>>771297 >>771368
Even the worst anime convention pales before the worst furry convention.
Plus, being a weeb is less likely to get you shot when you cosplay.

| People ITT saying "the bad side is the most vocal side :(" like LITERALLY SHUT THE FUCK UP, the bad side isn't just the zoos and hardcore sexual stuff
The bad side also includes : discrimination of straight people, forcing people to fucking DRAW lgbt despite of their beliefs, forcing them to accept sexual degeneracy
You know, the usual

| >>772316
Oh no. There's the sensitive basement dweller who's favourite news channel is 4chan.

| >>772317 tf you want ? I used to be a furry, in fact I still have my fursonas, I couldn't keep going with the shit that goes on that fucking degenerate club

| I used to be an innocent straight artist, until furry antifa put a gun to my head and made me DRAW lgbt despite of my beliefs. Now i can't pick up a pencil without seeing it as a dick

| >>21f9d8 this is an accurate assessment.

I'm surprised by how many religious people try to justify watching aberrant degen media. Just praise satan dawg. Your pasta won't mind, he's too busy dunkin on Catholics for believing mary was buried in spain.

| >>772318
I'm sorry, but:
>discrimination of straight people
>forcing people to fucking DRAW lgbt despite of their beliefs
First off, bruh. Discrimination of straight people? The fuck is that even supposed to mean? Did you see some LGBT only Discord server and get offended that you couldn't join or something?
Also, artists can draw whatever the fuck they want. Nobody can force them to draw LGBT stuff.
Then calling LGBT "sexual degeneracy"? Like, if you're homophobic, just say it.

| I'm not calling the furry community a good place, because it isn't. But when the "problems" boil down to "people who aren't straight exist" then it's hard to agree with you.

There are so many problems with the furry community to point out, but you chose "LGBT" as the "problem".

Like, I'm not even saying that all LGBT people are good, because that's not true. Some of them are toxic. But you choose generalising and bullshit statements instead of calling out individuals.

| >>772340

Don't feed the troll, g/u/rl.

| >>772384
Sorry. I know I shouldn't. Just, someone just died and I'm fucking pissed about it and I'm not coping well. Normally I avoid that shit. Right now I actively answer it. I'll try to stop.

| >>772340
What I'm trying to say by "discrimination of the straight" is that people would rather ignoré some people just because they're straight, whether it is in the art sphere or just chatting
Like, the furry fandom advertises itself as a place for everyone, but in reality it's a place for only the lgbt (therfore not for everyone if you miss the cue)
Second, LupisVulpes, she is an artist who refused to a commission because it depicted trans shit or sum like that (1/2)

| >>772397
(2/2) and basically, she got fucking TERMINATED because of that, it was told to her to leave the fandom if she wouldn't draw lgbt stuff, and this is just a mere example of people getting forced to draw shit

| >>772399
(3/3 oops)
>Then calling LGBT "sexual degeneracy"?
I may have expressed myself clumsily (even though there was a coma?) so let me redo that one : lgbt is NOT sexual degeneracy
What I'm calling sexual degeneracy is showing to everyone your kinks (i stuff fuck that filthy word), telling people it's okay when they have hardcore likings, showing how horny you are, making everything sexual
And don't you DARE tell me the furry fandom isn't like that

| >>772397
Maybe, those two things are related? If you're someone who's LGBT and prefers LGBT art, maybe, just maybe, it makes sense for them to mainly follow and interact with LGBT artists? Like, that's not discrimination.

Also, then there's LupisVulpes. You say "trans shit or sum" as if she was told to draw a trans person getting railed or something.
But, no. She was gonna draw someone's OC and the person who's OC it was wanted their OC to hold a trans flag.

| Lupis refused and said she doesn't want to be associated with and support stuff like that because she's Christian (being transgender is not against Christianity btw, and the early religious texts before getting rewritten by bigots actively acknowledged trans people and said that followers of God should accept everyone, so that's not a real reason, she's just bigoted).
Then the one who was getting a commission was unsure how to feel about it and asked for others opinions.

| 3/3
People who had previously been in contact with Lupis saw that and started talking about and sharing screenshots of Lupis talking down on LGBT and LGBT people, calling LGBT people wanting equal rights an "agenda". It also came out that she had been abusing a previous partner of hers because her partner came out as trans, and the list goes on.

So, now tell me. In what fucking world is it "straighphobic" to not want a bigoted abuser in your community?

| >>772400
>showing everyone your kinks
>showing how horny you are
>making everything sexual
welcome to danger/d/

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