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I want to get fucked so bad

| I'm still a virgin and know shit about sex but I want a sick in me so badly, o don't care if I get pegged by a boy or a girl, I just really want and need to get docked down and my fucking insides obliterated and full of cum

| k

| Just put your life saving in random meme coin, if it drops to 0, then you get fucked hard. If it go to the moon, you have the money to pay people to fuck you.

| >>769801 this xd

| >>769801 unironically this

| I love sex.

| >>769801 kek

| >>769827 kek squared

| >>769949 maybe even OMEGALUL

| Or, you know, do something that gets you in prison, and then you'll get dicked every single day.

| >>769794
Where are you? There's bound to be someone who will make your dream come true close by

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This thread is permanently archived